Xcaret Park. Beach in Mexico, North America

Xcaret Park

Beach in Mexico, North America

Xcaret Park Photo © Grand Velas Riviera Maya

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Xcaret Park

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Xcaret - Xcaret Park. Photo by Dtraveller Cancun
Xcaret is an eco-archeological park in Riviera Maya but if you're not familiar with that area, it's very close to Cancun, Mexico and part of the Quintana Roo area. It's not exactly a zoo although you'll see many different species of animals, but more of an adventure that encompasses botanicals, insects, animals, and geological landmarks.

What is There to Do?

There are so many things to do at Xcaret that there's pretty much something for everyone. Along with over 40 attractions that include shows, food, underground rivers, swimming with dolphins, and more – there is a rich cultural heritage that allows you to experience what Mexico is all about. For instance, there is the "Xcaret Mexico Espectacular" after nightfall that has over 300 artists showcasing its history.

There are also archeological sites to visit which include man-made and real sites as well. The great thing that you'll find at Xcaret is that it has it all – the jungle and the beach, an aquarium as well as a “zoo” but nothing in small cages, food and drinks, interactive activities or just enjoying the view.

Xcaret - Xcaret Park
Xcaret - Xcaret Park. Photo by Dtraveller Cancun

The Performances

Puma - Xcaret
Puma - Xcaret Park. Photo by Robert Pittman
There are many performances you can take part of on your visit to Xcaret. The Equestrian Show showcases the adelitas and charros, while the “Voladores” (or high flyers) is exciting and interesting. There are also Prehispanic performances, the Mexico Espectacular, and more and best of all, these are included in the price of admission.

Extras That You'll Enjoy

There are quite a few extra activities that you do have to pay for, however. For instance, you can swim with the dolphins in a really intimate environment but it'll cost you more than the admission price. In fact, you can even swim with the sharks, which is pretty darn cool; that costs extra as well. However, for those that love water sports and don't want to shell out extra money, there's an underground river which is simply stunning in its beauty. These natural channels weave their way throughout the area underneath the Yucatan Peninsula. There are three to choose from (Blue River, Maya River or Manatee River) and each one has a view that is beautiful.

The Nature of Xcaret

Xcaret Parrots - Xcaret
Xcaret Parrots - Xcaret Park. Photo by Robert McGoldrick

Butterfly Pavilion

If you love seeing nature and everything it has to offer, you'll love it here at this eco-park. There is a Butterfly Pavilion that is actually one of the largest in the world. It's not like most butterfly pavilions with a small, enclosed area that you can walk in and out of in five minutes. Instead, it spans over 11,000 sq feet and almost 4.6 meter in height.

The Aviary

The aviary is another area where you don't see birds behind wires or in a cage. Everything is free roaming and you can interact up close and personal. It may be interesting to know that they actually hold a world record for the largest number of macaws born in one year in the same facility. There are 44 species of birds to enjoy in this part of the park.

Coral Reef Aquarium

The Coral Reef Aquarium has over 5,000 marine organisms with an aquarium that houses 500 coral reef structures.

Orchids Greenhouse

The Orchids Greenhouse showcases over 105 species of orchids with 25 being hybrids and 89 being species that are indigenous to the Maya region.

Turtle Conservation Program

There are exactly seven species of Marine Turtles in the world and you might find it interesting that six out of the seven have nests on the Coast of Mexico with Quintana Roo (Wikipedia Article) having four of those seven in its region. The Marine Turtles area works with the Turtle Conservation Program and allows visitors an up-close look at these marvelous creatures that have been around since prehistoric times.

Jaguar Island

Jaguar Island is another section that is unique. It is located near the Island of the Pumas, another big cat that is found in the jungle. The Jaguar is the largest cat you'll find in North America and it symbolizes many things to the Mayan Culture including power, war, and leadership in a supernatural entity named, Balam.

Manatee Lagoon

You'll also be able to visit Manatee Lagoon where these gentle creatures are part of another conservation effort.

	Eco-Archaeological Park in Riviera Maya, Mexico - Xcaret Park
Xcaret Eco-Archaeological Park in Riviera Maya, Mexico - Xcaret Park. Photo by David Gordillo

Food at Xcaret

The food found at Xcaret features a blend of Mexican and regional food, International Cuisine, and a variety of snacks. For instance, La Cocina Restaurant features authentic Mexican food and drinks that are a part of Mexico's history such as fine tequilas. There are many restaurants and snack areas and even a coffee shop where you can also enjoy breakfast to get your day started.

Xcaret is an eco-park that is simply amazing, beautiful, full of culture, and has something for everyone. Whether it's snorkeling at the beach or taking photographs of the butterflies, this is truly a unique experience on your trip to Mexico.

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Pictures of Xcaret Park

Xcaret Panorama.NIKON d3100. Dsc_0640-0645 - Xcaret Park
Xcaret Panorama.NIKON d3100. Dsc_0640-0645 - Xcaret Park. Photo by Robert Pittman


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