Wet'n'Wild Hawaii. Theme Park in Oahu, Hawaii

Wet'n'Wild Hawaii

Theme Park in Oahu, Hawaii

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Wet'n'Wild Hawaii

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Wet’n’Wild Hawaii is among the most popular water parks in Oahu. The resort expands up to 29 acres of adventure rides and pools, lush Hawaiian landscape, and breathtaking scenery. Wet’n’Wild Hawaii has a wide range of water adventure rides and pools that are great for kids, families, couples, thrill-seekers, and surfers.The water park has its own restaurant, bars and cabanas that is fit for every type of guest.

The park first opened in May 1999 by dentist, Jack Harrington, and lawyer, Brooke Cutter.


Surfing – surfing in Oahu is not limited to the oceans and beaches alone. Wet’n’Wild Hawaii has pools called Da’ Flowrider, and the Hawaiian Waters Wave Pool. Both pools have artificial waves that mimic realistic rolling sea waves. The waves reach up to 0.6 meter high which is best for body boards, or the stand up board. Guests can opt to ride the waves or chill on the side as if sitting on the shore. All younger or smaller guests are required to wear life jackets.

Island Adventure Golf – besides swimming and doing some extreme water sports at the park, people can also play some mini golf.


Raging River

Swimming can sometimes be monotonous for many people. The water park has tons of adrenalin-inducing water adventures. The Raging River is a 183 meter high raft riding experience. The raft goes down canyon walls, sharp turns, and surprising steep drops.

Waianae Coasters

This is a 98 meter fall in three coiling slides. The twists, drops, and dips provide an awesome and wet experience among riders.

Big Kahuna

This ride involves a tube that carries two to three people.


By the name alone, this ride is one thrilling ride. Guests ride the clover-leaf shaped tube and gets thrown off 15 meter high, goes through a 40 meter tunnel, and ends up in a spinning storm of water.

Island Racers

The guests gets on a mat and race their way down a four-lane slide. The slide is 73 meter long and the beginning of the race is at 13 meter high.

Pools and Slides

Flyin’ Hawaiian

This is an adrenaline rushing slide down an open slide or an enclosed slide down to a 3.7 meter deep pool

Waterworld Kids Playground

This pool is perfect for the kids. It is wide and shallow which is great for the smaller children. It is colorful and has fun zones. It has lily pads, water cannons, and short slides.

Keiki Kove

This pool is for the children as well. It has a little spouting volcano, water cannons; mini slides, mushroom waters; sprinklers, spouts; and splashes.

Kapolei Kooler

This pool shaped, in a long river, is great for chilling. It has scenic gardens and landscapes on the side, cave walls, rapids, waterfalls, and sprouts. It is a great spot for chilling couples or group of friends.

Cutter’s Island

This is a pool with a cool side and a hot side, which is relaxing for many adults


Windjammer Café

After a long day of tiring pool activities or before setting on an adventure, it is great to chill for some pizza, burger, salad, or coffee.

Sweet Spot Flow Bar

Going to a water park induces some beach feel. For those of the legal age to consume alcoholic beverages, there is a bar at Wet’n’Wild where one can chill with a cold beer or strike up conversations with the other guests.

How to Get Here

Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii on an elevated area close to Mauka by the Farrington Highway (Wikipedia Article). Its is about a 20-minute drive from Honolulu Airport. Through a bus, one can get on bus 40 en route to Makaha Beach.

Similar Attractions

Another popular marine attraction in Oahu would be Sea Life Park although it is more of a marine life park rather than a water park. There are Wet’n’Wild water parks in other places in the world such Wet’n’Wild Phoenix, Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas, Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast, and Wet’n’Wild Sydney. Other popular water adventures in the world are Chimelong Water Park in China, Noah’s Ark WaterPark in Wisconsin; Las Cascadas in Puerto Rico, Sandcastle Waterpark in the United Kingdom; Aqualand in France, Aqualandia in Spain; Caneva World in Italy, Sommarland in Sweden; Adaland in Turkey, Star Beach in Greece; and the Aquaventure Water Park in the Bahamas.

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Pictures of Wet'n'Wild Hawaii

Panorama: Water Park 1 - Wet'n'Wild Hawaii
Panorama: Water Park 1 - Wet'n'Wild Hawaii. Photo by Ryan Ozawa


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