Wat Chang Lom. Temple in Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Thailand

Wat Chang Lom

Temple in Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Thailand

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Wat Chang Lom

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	Chang Lom - Wat Chang Lom
Wat Chang Lom - Wat Chang Lom. Photo by John Shedrick
Wat Chang Lom Thai Temple is part of a historic park known as Sukhothai Historical Park, situated in SiSatchanalai district in Northern Thailand. The park sheaths the ruins of SiSatchanalai meaning ‘City of good people’ and Chaliang. This historic landmark came about as the 2nd center of the Sukhothai Kingdom in 1250,and home of the crown prince in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Wat Chang Lom is a historic attraction to thousands of visitors yearly who applaud the palace buildings, Buddha figures, and ruined temples. The main bell-shaped Chedi of Wat Chang Lom is skirted by 32 elephant sculptures positioned in a manner that they appear to be supporting the whole building.
The temple is very atmospheric and peaceful, and still regarded as holy sites, therefore as much as the Buddha statues and lily ponds are very photogenic, they should be treated with respect.

Wat Chang Lom - Wat Chang
Wat Chang Lom. Photo by John Shedrick

Legend of the Wat Chang Lom Temple

	Chang Lom - Wat Chang Lom
Wat Chang Lom - Wat Chang Lom. Photo by Brian Hoffman
There is a 15th-century stone inscription at Wat Chang Lom that relays a story about Phanom Sai Dam, a nobleman who was very loyal to his king, so much that when the King departed, he gave his piece of land for the construction of a temple and Buddha image in devotion to the companion of the dead King. The engravings also relay that Phanom Sai Dam planted a Bodhi tree there.

Getting Around

It costs a maximum of ฿40 ($1.24) to board a ride to New Sukhothai by sǎamláw, which will take about 30 minutes.

For ease in movement, it is advisable to hire a bicycle which can be rented from the shops outside the entrance of the park for ฿20 ($0.62) per day. Guesthouses also offer bicycles for hire but at a rate of ฿30 ($0.93).

Entrance Fee

Most zones’ admissions cost ฿100 ($3.10) for non-citizens with an extra of ฿10 ($0.31) if you have a bicycle and ฿30 ($0.93) if you have a motorbike.

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