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	evening shot - Uppsala
Uppsala evening shot - Uppsala. Photo by Georgios Karamanis
The City of Uppsala, Sweden, is the fourth largest city in the country in terms of the population, containing 200,000 inhabitants, and along with Lund in Skåne which is considered to be the largest learning city and major episcopal center in the country as well. Apart from possessing one of the largest cathedrals, consedrated during the year of 1435, and equally some of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe. Other famous and popular attractions of the city are the Botanical Gardens, the City-Castle, Linneus Hammarby, Linneus Gardens, Uppland museum, Gustavianum, Skytteanum, and the classic and famous Carolina Rediviva Library, The Enghsh Park, Old Uppsala, Ulva Kvarn/mill and last but not least the oldest University in Scandinavia, founded 1477.


The 1156 establishment of the city of Uppsala, in itself, is a major Church Seat of Sweden and Scandinavia combined, additionally it is also the main residence of the Swedish bishop. Originally named Östra Aros, the name was recently changed to Uppsala, during the year of 1273. Meanwhile, the original Royal College mounds, the old viking heritage site, and parts of the city were named Old Uppsala. Another rather popular and famous boardwalk located in the city is the Årike Fyris (Wikipedia Article), running the entire length through the city center, passing the famous King meadows where the popular King meadow lilies grow during spring, over the parts of The University of Agricultural studies, Ultuna further to the parts of Sunnersta, Gottsunda, Sävja and not least the city forest area, Lunsen (Wikipedia Article). Regarding the King meadows by the way: here was once upon a time even the two nowadays torned meadow churches/chapels St Marie and Vårfrukyrkan/ Church of Our Lady located during the 1200- century.


Uppsala is located approximately 67 kilometres northwest of the Swedish Capitalcity of Stockholm and approximately half the way, 35 kilometres from the largest airport, Arlanda, in the country as well. Addtionally surrounded by the third largest lake on the surface, Mälaren, or Ekoln which the part of the same lake is called close to the City, in Sweden. You can additionally reach Stockholm from Uppsala in primarily three ways: either by buss, train from the centralstation or by your own car, cruising E4 between the two Cities.


Apart from being the headquarter of the Swedish Church Archdiocese at large, the most well-known and popular cultureplaces could be the freechurch Word of Life, Evangelical Foundation, included the various university lodging establishment areas, associated the prominent University of the same City. Other very prominent and well-known culture persons associated the City is for instance the very famous university choir named Orphei drängar/ Orphei farmhands, led by the equally famous directors Eric Ericson and Robert Sund during the years. And, not to forgett in the context: spoken cultural landmarks and buildings like the City Concert- and Congress-hall, the literally nowadays cultural, legendary and very popular Katalin musicalperformance coffee- shop and restaurant. Added the Uppsala Reggae Festival and Pride Parade, held every autumn.


There are a couple of various mediarelated companies and editorial offices located in Uppsala as well: apart from the local major newspaper Uppsala Nya Tidning/ Uppsala Newspaper there are also Uppsalatidningen/ Uppsala news journal, TV- 4, Sveriges Radio - Uppland/ Swedish Radio - Uppland , ABC- news, Mix Megapol and Rix FM radiobroadcasting stations both present here.

Famous Uppsala personalities:

1. Ingmar Bergman - the worldfamous swedish filmdirector.

2. Mattias Klum - the National Geographic photographer.

3. Stakka Bo - famous swedish musician and singer.

4. Martin E-type Ericsson - another famous swedish musician and singer.

5. Owe Thörnqvist - one more famous swedish musician and singer.

6. Gunnar Wennerberg - a famous swedish music director.

7. Gösta Knutsson - the author of Pelle Svanslös/ Pelle Tailless children´s book

8. Victoria Tolstoy - a swedish female popsinger.

9. Knut Knutsson - a famous swedish TV- antique expert

10. Rebecca Törnkvist - another swedish female popsinger.

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Pictures of Uppsala

Uppsala - Uppsala
Uppsala - Photo by Ulf Bodin

Uppsala nights - Uppsala
Uppsala nights - Photo by Paulius Malinovskis


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