Ueno Park. Urban Park in Tokyo, Japan

Ueno Park

Urban Park in Tokyo, Japan

Ueno park Photo © Alberto Gragera

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Ueno Park

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Sakura2009@Ueno Park - Ueno Park
Sakura2009@Ueno Park - Ueno Park. Photo by makototz
Ueno Park is a large public park in Tokyo, Japan. Created in 1873, it is one of the country's first parks and is the result of the adoption of international practices during the early Meiji period in Japan. The park grounds were originally part of Kaneiji Temple, which was one of the cities largest and wealthiest temples, and is now home to a number of museums, and Cherry Blossom trees. It is Japan's most popular city park with over 10 million visitors annually.

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Ueno Park is most famous for its many museums including the Tokyo National Museum, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Science Museum, and Ueno Zoo (Wikipedia Article), Japan's first zoological garden. The Tokyo National Museum is Japan's oldest and largest museum and is comprised of five large buildings, housing the largest collection of national treasures and important cultural items in the country. The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art has a variety of rotating exhibitions with some of the exhibits being free and others requiring visitors to pay admission. Ueno Zoo is the oldest zoo in Japan. The zoo's most popular exhibit is the giant pandas which were introduced to the Ueno Zoo as a gesture of the strengthening relations between China and Japan.

The Shinobazu Pond was once part of the Kaneiji Temple which stood where Ueno Park is located. There is an island in the middle of the pond where the Bentendo Temple stands. Bentendo is an octagonal temple dedicated to the Goddess of good fortune, wealth, music, and knowledge (Benten). During the Cherry Blossom season the island and temple grounds are a lively, vibrant area crowded with food stalls.

 - Ueno Park
Ueno Park. Photo by unknown

Ueno Park is one of Tokyo's most popular destinations during Cherry Blossom season. There are over a thousand Cherry Blossom trees lining the central path of the park. They typically bloom during late March or early April. Because there are so many trees in the park, it is a popular destination for Cherry Blossom viewing parties, called ‘Hanami’.


Ueno Park is accessible via the JR Ueno Station. The JR Yamanote line, JR Keihin Tohuku line, JR Takashi/Utsunomiya line, and JR Joban line can all be accessed by JR Ueno Station. There is also access via the train from Narita Airport to the Keisei Ueno stop.

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Pictures of Ueno Park

Ueno park - Ueno Park
Ueno park - Photo by Karl Baron

Blossoms - Ueno Park
Blossoms - Ueno Park. Photo by Kevin Jaako

Ueno Park - Ueno Park
Ueno Park - Photo by pspechtenhauser

Hanami, Ueno-Park - Ueno Park
Hanami, Ueno-Park - Ueno Park. Photo by Ju_li_a


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