Tunnel of Love. Road in Ukraine, Europe

Tunnel of Love

Road in Ukraine, Europe

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Tunnel of Love

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Located near the Ukrainian town of Klevan (Wikipedia Article), the ‘Tunnel of Love’ is a section of working train track which has been transformed into a mecca for lovers. Set deep in the forest, this 1.9 miles (1.8 miles) of railway is flanked by trees and greenery which, over the years, have formed into a tunnel-shape by the passing of the train which stretches over one kilometer of the track. While the route is still in use by a private train which transports wood from Klevan to Orzhevsk Woodworking Plant, the tunnel has become a favorite location for lovers to reveal their devotion and make promises to each other for the future.

Visiting the Tunnel

Visitors from across the world come to Klevan every year to visit the ‘Tunnel of Love’, which is a short walk from the village and free to experience. It is believed that if you and your lover visit the tunnel and make wishes within it, they are sure to come true! It takes around one hour to walk the length of the tunnel and early morning or late afternoon is the most beautiful time when the sun's rays hit from low in the sky. While most people visit during the milder weather of spring, summer, and sutumn, the ‘Tunnel of Love’ is also beautiful after snowfall creates a landscape of white during the winter months.

While the setting is stunning and the foliage creates a natural barrier of privacy from the outside world, visitors should keep in mind that trains still operate along the route daily and they have right of passage when they pass through.

For photographers, the tunnel offers an absorbing lesson in light and how its movement creates changing conditions and atmospheres throughout the day. Many photographers, both amateur and professional, come to the tunnel to create captivating photographs, starting early in the morning until the sun descends at the end of the day. If you plan to photograph the tunnel, determine where the sun will rise and then shoot from different angles while it is low in the sky to see the impact light has on the environment. Try to capture shots of light rays penetrating through the natural tunnel created by the foliage and the ambiance this creates.
There are plans by the local government to begin a tourist train along the route to take advantage of the romantic setting and legend that has grown around the ‘Tunnel of Love.’

Explore Klevan

The nearby town of Klevan was founded on the banks of the Subla River in the 12th century. While the ‘Tunnel of Love’ has become its most famous attraction, the city has an engaging history of its own. It was once home to a large Jewish population before the Soviets and then Germans occupied Klevan throughout World War II. In 1941, the Fascist Government exterminated the town’s Jews and burnt the synagogue. Klevan was then occupied by the Poles until the Soviets evicted them in Operation Vistula (Wikipedia Article). During the Ukrainian Insurgent Army’s struggle for liberation, Klevan served as the operational center.

As well as the impressive ruins of Klevan Castle, which dates from 1475, Klevan’s remaining architectural sights include the Church of the Annunciation, built in the 17th century, and the Church of the Nativity, built in 1777.

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Author: Pip Strickland. Last updated: Mar 24, 2015

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Tunnel of Love
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