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Trim -
Trim - Trim. Photo by William Murphy
Trim is a small, heritage town located west of Dublin in County Meath, on the banks of the river Boyne. Its origin dates back to the 5th century AD. It was once the Royal County and played an important role in Irish history. The town developed around the castle, straddling the river to the north and west of the castle. Trim has remarkably retained its original streetscape as laid out in medieval times.

The charming town is dominated by the medieval Trim Castle (Wikipedia Article), the largest Anglo-Norman Castle in Ireland. Across the river Boyne from the castle are the remains of the St. Mary's Abbey, built in 12th century. The Yellow Steeple is the remaining bell tower of St. Mary’s Abbey and is the tallest structure in town. The fine fortified townhouse to the left of the Yellow Steeple, Talbot’s Castle, was built in the 1540s. It was said to have been once the home of famous author Jonathan Swift (Wikipedia
	Article). Less than a kilometer from the castle you will find the ruin of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Cathedral, dating back to the 13th century. Today it stands as a stone ruin, but it isn't completely abandoned. You can still see many of the fine, decorative flourishes in the stonework, and it has lovely lancet windows. In more recent times, Trim is famed for the filming of Mel Gibson's famous movie Braveheart.

Stroll around the picturesque town with various historical monuments and streets lined with lovely cafés, cozy eateries, small boutiques, and amazing summertime floral displays. If time allows, take a pleasant walk on the Trim Heritage Trail on the banks of the River Boyne.

Trim. Photo by William Murphy

What to See & Do

Trim Castle -
Trim Castle - Trim. Photo by chromakey3000

Trim Castle

The truly impressive Trim Castle, also known as “King John's Castle” was built in 12th century by the Norman baron, Hugh de Lacy.

The grounds are well-kept with long information panels along the length of the curtain walls depicting particular aspects of medieval castle life and the historical significance of Trim Castle itself.

The largest remaining structure is the towering three-story keep set in center stage. Inside the keep, there are scale models of what the castle looked like at the various stages of its construction over the years. The stairs to the top are a little steep, but worth the climb. Once out on the roof, you become aware of how high the castle stands. On a clear day the views from the top of the keep are superb and offer some amazing photo opportunities.

Be sure to take the guided tour of the keep as it explains the history of the castle and the construction techniques involved. Before you leave the castle, have a glance at a book that is filled with photographs during the filming of Braveheart.

St. Patrick's
	cathedral church (Church of Ireland), Loman Street <a href=Trim Ref-100679 - Trim">
St. Patrick's cathedral church (Church of Ireland), Loman Street Trim Ref-100679 - Trim. Photo by William Murphy

St. Patrick's Cathedral

The Saint Patrick's Cathedral is located on Loman Street, on the north-side of Trim. It replaced an earlier church, which dated back to the 15th century. The original church can be found in ruins behind the newer church which faces onto Loman Street from behind a large boundary wall.

The present Gothic Revival style church was built in 1803. The tower attached to the church is 15th century in date. Celtic mosaics decorate the interior of the church with white marble and stained glass windows depicting the history of Trim.

Trim Visitor Center

At the Visitor Center, located beside the castle, be sure to watch The Power & the Glory, a 20-minute multimedia exhibition that paints a historical background to the magnificent medieval ruins of Trim. The visitor center also offers a wide range of books, gifts, and tourist guides. Once you are done, the Ramparts coffee shop serves delicious homemade soup and lovely desserts.

Trim Historic Trail

Step back in time and enjoy a stroll on the Trim Historic Trail where you will learn about the town, its history, important people, and noteworthy places. The interesting walk takes approximately 60 minutes and boasts 22 historical points. Leave your car in the parking lot below Trim Castle and cross the wooden bridge over the river Boyne. Along the path following the bank of the beautiful river you will encounter the remains of the medieval town walls, the remains of the cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, a small chapel with the famous Tomb of the Jealous Man and Woman and the medieval remains of the Priory Hospital of Saint John the Baptist.

Trim Castle - Trim
Trim Castle. Photo by Ivan Gomez

Getting There and Around

Located just about 50-minute drive from Dublin and 40 minutes' drive from Dublin Airport, Trim Castle can easily be visited as a day trip. Bus Eireann route 111 runs hourly from Dublin's central bus station, Busaras. The bus stop in Trim is within sight of its famous castle. A town center and most places of interest can easily be reached on foot.

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Pictures of Trim

The Yellow Steeple - Trim
The Yellow Steeple - Trim. Photo by William Murphy

Trim, Co Meath - Trim
Trim, Co Meath - Photo by Eileen (EMC) Pro

Trim Castle - Trim
Trim Castle - Photo by Sean Dunne


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