Si Satchanalai Historical Park. Temple in Thailand, Asia

Si Satchanalai Historical Park

Temple in Thailand, Asia

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Si Satchanalai Historical Park

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Main Attractions

Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat

It is the largest and most significant historic temple in Si Satachanalai – Chaliang. The temple was constructed in the 12th century as a Mahayana Buddhist temple, during Jayavarman VII’s reign, when Chaliang was part of his Khmer Empire (Wikipedia

It doesn’t take much to vision this site in all its glory! The main building is the magnificent prang (a Thai-acquired Khmer designed gopura). The original design of Prang was Baton but was restyled in the 18th century. This site contains several Buddha statues in various poses.

Wat Chedi Chet Thaeo

The name ‘Wat Chedi Chet Thaeo’ stands for ‘the temple of seven rows of stupa’. It is another important historic site in the town wall of Si Satchanalai. It is situated at the front of Wat Chang Lom and is considered more special than the other temples in Sukhothai Kingdom simply because it contains 32 stupas of varying sizes in various styles.

Its gigantic size, and location of center town implies that is was built for the royal family. Legend has it that the temple was once named “Wat Kalayanimit”, constructed by the daughter of Lithai. The temple was believed to be the tomb for the ruler family of Si Satchanalai.

The stupas’ patterns of this temple were influenced by various arts such as Lan Na, Sri Lanka and Bagan. They consist of an individual square tower base with rounded top and domed hall exterior stucco for standing Buddha image in alluring Sukhothai design.

The interior of the temple consists of ordination hall, vihara, sacred pond and 5 mandapas, as well as a security wall surrounding the temple which was initially surrounded by moat.

Wat Chang Lom

It was built in 1286 after the Buddha’s relic was discovered on site. The main construction of the temple is a two tier square foot round Sri Lanka design Laterite stupa. It got its name from the 39 standing elephant statues framing the first tier of stupa foot. The elephants are astonishingly life-size to the fore of the wall.
The 2nd tier of stupa foot has 20 inches that were initially packed with 1.4 meter high Buddha statues.

Wat Chom Chuen

This temple consists of a rounded laterite stupa, a vihara and a mandapa. It is reported that 15 human skeletons were dug out from the front of vihara by archaeologists. The skeletons are believed to date back to the 4th century.

Wat Khok Singkharam

This ancient temple was constructed during late Sukhothai to early Ayutthaya. The temple faces east and has a rectangular layout. The western, eastern and northern walls were constructed from laterite.

Wat Nang Paya

The name ‘Wat Nang Paya’ stands for ‘temple of queen’. According to the local legend, the temple was constructed by Pasuja Devi, a daughter of the Emperor of China. The temple area is quite extensive and there is a large laterite stupa and remnant of seven roomed Vihara, a classic technique of Lan Na and Sukhothai architecture in the middle of the compound.

Wat Nang Paya is popular for the antiques of beautiful stucco reliefs on the vihara wall. The stucco reliefs are usually safeguarded below the tin roof shelter.

Thuriang Kilns

These are wreckages of the old celadon factory situated approximately 5 kilometers north of the old town of Si Satchanalai. It is the site where Sukhothai celadons were manufactured since 13th century. The ceramic wares found in this location are mostly large jars and bowls with a matt yellow-grey glaze and flower or fish or spiraling circle designs, painted black in Chinese designs.

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Pictures of Si Satchanalai Historical Park

Wat Chang Lom Temple View - Si Satchanalai Historical Park
Wat Chang Lom Temple View - Si Satchanalai Historical Park. Photo by Brian Hoffman

Si Satchanalai - Si Satchanalai Historical Park
Si Satchanalai - Si Satchanalai Historical Park. Photo by Brian Hoffman

Si Satchanalai Historical Park - Si Satchanalai Historical Park
Si Satchanalai Historical Park - Photo by MacKensie Cornelius

Wat Chedi Chet Thaeo - Si Satchanalai Historical Park
Wat Chedi Chet Thaeo - Si Satchanalai Historical Park. Photo by John Shedrick


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