Segovia Cathedral. Church in Segovia, Spain

Segovia Cathedral

Church in Segovia, Spain

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Segovia Cathedral

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Catedral de segovia 22-11-2012 220 - Segovia Cathedral
Catedral de segovia 22-11-2012 220 - Segovia Cathedral. Photo by Jose Javier Martin Espartosa
Segovia Cathedral, known as the Catedral de Segovia in Spanish, is located in the Plaza Mayor of Segovia, Spain. This beautiful 16th century cathedral is one of the city’s most famous landmarks, and is known for being one of the last Gothic cathedrals that was built in Europe. It is often visited by tourists who are staying in Madrid that desire to see other nearby cities.


The construction of Segovia Cathedral began in the early 16th century after the destruction of the former cathedral, now known as La Antigua Catedral de Santa María de Segovia, during the uprising known as the Revolt of the Comuneros (Wikipedia Article) in 1520. The new cathedral was constructed with three large naves and an ambulatory that featured beautiful stained glass windows, as well as a 90m tall tower. Its original spire, built entirely from wood from the Americas, made it the tallest structure in Spain, though it has since been replaced.

 - Segovia Cathedral
Segovia Cathedral. Photo by topophilia

Things to See

la catedral -
	Segovia Cathedral
la catedral - Segovia Cathedral. Photo by Angela Rutherford
There is plenty to see in Segovia Cathedral, from impressive altarpieces and artwork to numerous chapels known for their unique architecture.

The Altarpiece

The main altarpiece, or retablo, is a Neoclassical masterpiece that combines bronze and various marbles which was created by the famous Italian architect, Francesco Sabatini (Wikipedia Article), best known for his extensive work on the Royal Palace Madrid. Its central seated figure depicts the Virgen de la Paz, an image of the Virgin Mary.

Capilla de la Piedad

Also known as the Capilla del Santo Entierro, this chapel is known for its magnificent altarpiece by French-Spanish architect, Juan de Juni (Wikipedia Article), which depicts the burial of Christ.

Capilla de San Andrés

This chapel is also known for its altarpiece, which was designed by Pedro de Brizuela, who was the architect of King Philip II of Spain (Wikipedia Article).

Capilla de la Concepción

This beautiful chapel is decorated with various symbols of the Immaculate Conception (Wikipedia Article), as well as a collection of notable paintings by Ignacio de Ries. One of the most famous pieces is the fascinating Árbol de la Vida, or “Tree of Life” in English, which depicts Jesus and the devil standing next to a tree that holds a group of people enjoying a banquet.

Capilla del Cristo del Consuelo

The Capilla del Cristo del Consuelo is often visited because it contains the exquisite marble sarcophagus of Diego de Covarrubias (Wikipedia Article), a famous Spanish jurist and bishop of Segovia.

Capilla de Santiago

Dedicated to the apostle James, son of Zebedee (Wikipedia Article), this chapel contains a beautiful Baroque altarpiece, and features walls decorated with angels carrying instruments.

Stained Glass Windows

One of the cathedral’s most famous features is its breathtaking stained glass windows, which are some of the most impressive examples in Spain. There are 65 different windows throughout the church, which were created in three phases during the 16th, 17th, and 20th centuries.

The Tower

The tower holds the cathedral’s bells, and also provides spectacular views of Segovia and the surrounding areas. You may want to plan your visit around the cathedral’s guided tower tour times, which take place daily at 10:00, 12:00, and 16:00 for a small fee.

Segovia - Segovia
Segovia - Segovia Cathedral. Photo by Steve

Practical Information

One of the most popular ways to visit Segovia is as a day trip while staying in Madrid. If you don’t have a car, there are several ways to reach the city from Madrid using public transportation.

Address: Plaza Mayor, s/n, 40001 Segovia, Spain

By bus: It is usually best to travel to Segovia from Madrid by bus, since it is cheaper and generally more convenient. On most days, there are one or two bus services per hour to Segovia that leave from Madrid’s Moncloa bus terminal, which is accessible from the Moncloa stop on the Madrid Metro system (lines 3 and 6). Segovia’s bus station is located near its landmark Roman aqueduct on Paseo Ezequiel González.

By train: If you prefer to travel by train, you can also reach Segovia using Line C-8b of Cercanías, Madrid’s commuter rail service. You can catch the train from several Madrid stations, including large stations like Nuevos Ministerios, Atocha, and Chamartín. Once you reach Segovia’s train station, you can take a short bus ride to the city center. If you prefer to travel in style, you can instead pay more to take the AVE high-speed train from Madrid to Segovia-Guiomar station and then use their bus link into the city center.

Hours: The cathedral is open daily from 9:30 until 17:30 from October through March and 18:30 between April and September.

Price: Admission costs approximately €3 ($3.45), but if you want to climb the tower then you will need to pay an additional €5 ($5.75).

Nearby Attractions

Other impressive attractions in Segovia include Segovia Castle and the Roman aqueduct. If you’re driving to Segovia from Madrid, you may also want to stop by sites such as El Escorial and the beautiful Valle de los Caídos monument.

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Pictures of Segovia Cathedral

Catedral de Santa María de Segovia - Segovia Cathedral
Catedral de Santa María de Segovia - Segovia Cathedral. Photo by grzegorzmielczarek

Segovia Cathedral / Catedral de Segovia - Segovia Cathedral
Segovia Cathedral / Catedral de Segovia - Photo by Trevor Huxham

Segovia's Real Alcázar (Royal Castle/Fortress)... and the views afford up there - Segovia Cathedral
Segovia's Real Alcázar (Royal Castle/Fortress)... and the views afford up there - Segovia Cathedral. Photo by Enrique A Sanabria


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