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Aquarium in Oahu, Hawaii

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Sea Life Park

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	Life Park -- Hawaii - Sea Life Park
Sea Life Park -- Hawaii - Sea Life Park. Photo by Lady_Fox
Sea Life Park is an interactive marine life park packed with fun dolphin shows and many other activities involving sea mammals in Oahu, Hawaii. There are also a limited number of seabirds that the park has rescued. It is a perfect place for kids, couples, solo travelers, and friends alike. Both locals and tourists visit the place every day due to its unique air of friendliness and joy.

Sea Life Park Hawaii - Sea Life
Sea Life Park Hawaii. Photo by Edmund Garman


Sea Life Park first opened to public in 1964. Unlike the many activities and shows it has today, it only used to have a few attractions before like swimming with the dolphins, sea lions, and rays, and feeding of the turtles.

Sea Life Park - Sea
	Life Park
Sea Life Park - Sea Life Park. Photo by marcus_and_sue


Today, tourists and locals alike enjoy coming to Sea Life Park for its wide attractions and fun shows. Among them are:

Royal Dolphin Swim

This is a dream come true for many people especially kids. Vests are provided for all participants to ensure safety. With security set, one can perform a variety of tricks with the dolphins like the double dorsal fin ride, dolphin foot push, dolphin handshake, and of course the very charming dolphin kiss.

Dolphin Encounters

Dolphin encounter is a fun activity for families. They are able to stand inside the same pool with the dolphin and watch it perform varieties of tricks with its trainer.

Dolphin Adventure

This allow guests to observe the dolphins' behavior up close with the perks of some dolphin belly rides and the sweet dolphin kisses.

Dolphin Cove Show

It is a cool experience for family and friends to sit back and enjoy watching dolphins jump, flip, and spin.

Sea Life Park - Sea
	Life Park
Sea Life Park - Sea Life Park. Photo by marcus_and_sue

Shark Trek

For 8 years old and up, guests can get in a 300,000 gallon tank of tropical water with over 10 native Hawaiian sharks. It is like swimming with them with of course a wire mesh separating you from possible dangers.

Shark Tank

If getting in the tank with the sharks scares you, you can safely watch them outside the tank which is almost as close to swimming with them.

Sea Lion Swim

It is a fun way of getting to know sea lions better. One can observe them up close, cradle them, hug them, or give them a kiss.

Hawaiian Ray Encounter

Kids can get to swim in a lagoon with the rays where they can touch and feed them.

Hawaii Ocean Theater

Everyone gathers for this talent show of more than one performer. Dolphins, penguins, and sea lions perform tricks with their trainers.

Penguin Trainer Talk

Watch intelligent penguins do what their trainers tell them.

	Sea Life Park
Sea Life Park. Photo by FabalaTD

Touch Pool

This allows children to satisfy their curiosity about urchins, starfish, sea turtles, and shark pups by petting them carefully.

Kolohe Kai Sea Lion Show

Watch a comical performance by sea lions.

California Sea Lion

Observe sea lions play comfortably in their artificial habitat.

Seabird Sanctuary

This is more like a charity by the park. The birds found in the sanctuary are birds that arrived in the park either ill or injured. Sea Life Park helps to health them back to full recovery.


Guests can come into an open-air bird sanctuary where birds are at their most comfortable states

	wolphin - Sea Life Park
Baby wolphin - Sea Life Park. Photo by Mark Interrante

Sea Lion - Sea Life
Sea Lion - Sea Life Park. Photo by Heather


It could take a whole day to enjoy all entertainments Sea Life Park has to offer. Guests would need to grab some snacks every now and then and get a big meal.

Sea Lion Café

You can grab some burger, pizza, French fries and many other American and Hawaiian snacks.
  • Tiki Treats – when thirsty and hot, here is where you grab some ice cream or milkshakes.
  • Wiki Wiki Snack Bar – dippin’ dots are not to be missed here.
  • Chief’s Luau – a dinner and a show. Chef’s Luau is a complete dinner with Hawaiian food plus a fascinating cultural presentation involving chants, fire dancing, and hula.

How to Get Here

Sea Life Park is located at a very scenic area of Waimānalo (Wikipedia
	Article), away from the bustling city life. On one side is the ocean and on the other, the lush mountains. There are buses and trolleys that go in this direction. Don’t hesitate to ask around. Drivers are very kind to tell you where to go and which direction to take.

Similar Attractions

A few other experiences akin to this on the islands of Hawaii are Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium, Wet’n’Wild Hawaii, and Maui Ocean Center. Other remarkable ocean parks in the world are Ocean Park Hong Kong, Coral World Ocean Park in the United States, and Manila Ocean Park.

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Pictures of Sea Life Park

Sea Life Park
Sea Life Park. Photo by FabalaTD


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