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Odori Park - Sapporo Photo © inefekt69

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	Skyline (HOKKAIDO/JAPAN) - Sapporo
Sapporo Skyline (HOKKAIDO/JAPAN) - Sapporo. Photo by Chi King
Sapporo is located on the northern island of Hokkaido (Wikipedia Article) in Japan and is Japan's fourth largest city. This city does not have the old-world Japanese charm that other cities in Japan have because it is considered a new city and even has a grid street system, which is not found elsewhere in Japan. The 1972 Winter Olympics were held in Sapporo, and it is a popular winter vacation spot due to the plethora of skiing and snowboarding facilities available.

Sapporo electrical tramway. -
Sapporo electrical tramway.. Photo by MIKI Yoshihito

Things to Do

Clock Tower

The most popular destination in Sapporo for Japanese tourists is the Clock Tower (Tokedai). Located near Odori Station, it is the oldest building still standing in Sapporo, dating back to 1878. The structure is of American design and one of the few left standing from the 1870s, when the city was built with American assistance. Viewing and photographing the Clock Tower is very popular with visitors.

Hokkaido Shrine

The Hokkaido Shrine is located in Maruyama Park. This Shinto (Wikipedia Article) shrine enshrines four kami, or Shinto deities, including Emperor Meiji. During cherry blossom season, the shrine and surrounding park is crowded with visitors enjoying the cherry blossoms in bloom, a celebration called Hanami.

Odori Park

In the center of Sapporo is Odori Park. Once used as a main street in the city, it now acts as a long park, with trees and recreation areas flanked by shops on either side. Throughout the year, many events and celebrations are held in the park. During winter, the trees are decorated and illuminated as part of the White Illumination. There are celebrations to signify the start of winter, the Sapporo Snow Festival, and celebrations for the end of winter, the Sapporo Lilac Festival. Both include concerts, special food vendors, and performances that take place along the park. In the summer, local breweries, including Sapporo brewery, set up beer gardens along the park that include beer and snacks.

Kouraku Ramen Meitengai

Sapporo is known as the birthplace of miso ramen, a dish which is very popular throughout Japan. Those who enjoy ramen would love a trip down Kouraku Ramen Meitengai, an alley lined with dozens of ramen shops. Visitors to Sapporo could spend days exploring and eating at each of the different shops, each of which is known for their own particular specialty ramen. The city is also home to Sapporo brewery, which offers tours, and Sapporo Beer Museum, the only beer museum in Japan. The Sapporo Beer Museum offers guided tours of the brewery, going over the brewing process and the history of beer in Japan. After the tour, visitors can taste from any of the different varieties of beer and pay a visit to the neighboring beer garden to extend their drinking experience.

	Sapporo at Night - Sapporo
札幌の夜景① Sapporo at Night. Photo by Alpha 2008


Visitors arriving to Sapporo by plane should use the New Chitose Airport which supports both domestic and international flights. There is a shuttle bus and train service available from the airport to the city center. Trains can also be taken to Sapporo via the JR Sapporo Station but are time consuming and expensive. Once in Sapporo, visitors can use either the JR train system or subway to get around in addition to the buses available.

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Pictures of Sapporo

Sapporo at Night 札幌の夜景② - Sapporo
Sapporo at Night 札幌の夜景② - Photo by Alpha 2008

Sapporo at Night 札幌の夜景④ - Sapporo
Sapporo at Night 札幌の夜景④ - Photo by Alpha 2008

札幌の夜景② Sapporo at Night - Sapporo
札幌の夜景② Sapporo at Night - Photo by Alpha 2008

札幌 Sapporo - Sapporo
札幌 Sapporo - Photo by かがみ~

Susukino, Sapporo - Sapporo
Susukino, Sapporo - Photo by David McKelvey

Odori Park from Sapporo TV Tower - Sapporo
Odori Park from Sapporo TV Tower - Photo by inefekt69


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