SM Mall of Asia. Shopping Mall in Metro Manila, Philippines

SM Mall of Asia

Shopping Mall in Metro Manila, Philippines

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SM Mall of Asia

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Upon seeing a huge globe in the middle of a highway, right in front of a wide mall, you’d know you’re at the right destination; you’re already in SM Mall of Asia. Being one of the biggest malls in Asia and 10th largest shopping mall in the world, you’d probably get lost on your first visit. Good thing this mall is already equipped with an electronic directory that will show you where you want to go.

SM Mall of Asia, or MoA, is situated at the boundary of Pasay City and Parañaque City in Metro Manila, Philippines; at the end of the notorious EDSA (Wikipedia Article) thoroughfare on a patch of reclaimed land called “Bay City”. It is in-between the calmness of the sea and the busy streets of Manila. It is owned and improved by the largest mall chain owner and developer in the country, SM Prime Holdings.
MoA has a gross floor area of approximately 406,962 square meters (4.38050×106 sq ft) and land area of 42 hectares. It is very convenient for everyone to go there as it is accessible by PUJs (Public Utility Jeepney) and PUB’s (Public Utility Bus), and all of the cab drivers know how to get there.

Everything you need is just around the block. If you wish to grab breakfast and you’re working nearby, there are a lot of easy-to-access fast food chains and restaurants that serve to-go meals like the famous McDonald’s, KFC, Jollibee, Goldilocks, and a lot more. During your not-so busy day, you can explore the extensive ground of the mall. Your favorite shops might be offering great deals suited for your interest!


There are three main buildings in MoA connected to each other by hallway-styled bridges that are accessible with an elevator, escalator and the stairs. The first one is on the right side facing the mall. It is where Hypermarket is located. It’s like a very big grocery store that have what you need at home, in school, or on the go, and there are food stalls inside selling a variety of affordable “meryendas” or snacks. Also, just around Hypermarket are restaurants and shops that you might want to check out for great buys.

Ice Skating Rink

On the second building, or the one in the middle, the most popular coffee shop, Starbucks, is just right at the mall entrance. MoA also has a good spot in this building for your children to learn and enjoy new things that we naturally don’t have in our country. The ice skating rink is on the ground floor beside the SM Appliance Center that offers skating experience at a budget-friendly price for people of any ages. If you want to grab Pinoy products, Kultura, which is near the ice skating rink sells shirts, handbags, hats, accessories and other souvenir items that you can buy and bring to your hometown. On the back portion of this building is where the bowling center is positioned. They also have billiard tables inside the bowling center, so you can choose which game you’d like to begin with, billiards or bowling. The SM Cinemas and the IMAX Theater is on the second floor of this very same building. You can choose either you want to watch a 2D or a 3D view of any movies on offer.

SM Department Store

The left-most-building is where you can find the SM Department Store. Each section is partitioned well so you won’t get confused on whether you’re buying for male or female, kids or kids at heart. Each building of MoA is surrounded by restaurants and shops; you will only get tangled on which one to choose first.

Seaside Boulevard with Ferris Wheel and Zipline

Behind these three buildings is a fascinating array of amusement rides and resto-bars in the so-called Seaside Boulevard or just Seaside. There are bridges connected to the cemented seashore that will take you to a fun experience in MoA. It is not just an ordinary shopping mall, remember, it is a place more than that. One of the tallest Ferris wheels in the Philippines is located here and the price for a ride is reasonable enough. There are other kiddie rides that your children can enjoy and amazing adult rides that will make you scream your lungs out. Zip-line is also available and guaranteed safe, plus the breathtaking ride on the Super Vikings, are all available for a reasonable price.
 - SM Mall of Asia
SM Mall of Asia Seaside Boulevard with the ferris wheel. Photo by Thousand Wonders

When the day is done, the night is about to begin, hence you can relish in the sun as it sets beside the bay in Seaside Boulevard. You can have a dinner date with your partner or with your family too. Locals would recommend the Seafood Island, Gerry’s Grill or Pete’s Place for a scrumptious dinner. Every night, there are live bands playing in Pete’s Place and Uno Pizzeria while having dinner or a few drinks. If you’re on for a party, Bawod and Uno Pizzeria have indoor bars that will get you grooving until dawn. And right after the party’s done, friendly cab drivers will take you home safely.

MoA is safe and secured and is the right place for a weekend break from work and school. There are roving security guards day and night that won’t make you feel worrisome, and the area is secured with CCTV cameras. For families with infants or toddlers, there are strollers available for rental in both wings of MoA; less hassle while shopping. There are plenty of car parking spaces in each wing of MoA and is also secured with CCTV cameras and parking personnel. And every February, an annual PyroMusical competition is held in SM MoA grounds with more than 10 countries joining the competition for the best fireworks display. The SM MoA Arena is also beside the left-most-building where basketball games are held and other sports events promoted by the (National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) and the prominent PBA, or the Philippine Basketball Association. Foreign celebrities also hold their concerts or shows in the SM MoA Concert Grounds. What else would you look for? SM Mall of Asia is indeed a one-stop-shop!

SM Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by ritz'thy

Other Nearby Landmarks and Hotels

  • Solaire Resort and Casino: a newly built five star resort hotel with a casino which is a minute away from MoA.

  • Star City: an amusement park with more kiddie rides and horror houses which is approximately 5 minutes away from MoA.

  • Cultural Center of the Philippines* (CCP): where cultural shows and events are held and is approximately 5 minutes away from MoA and is a few steps away from Star City.

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