Praia da Rocha. Beach in Portugal, Europe

Praia da Rocha

Beach in Portugal, Europe

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Praia da Rocha

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	Praia da Rocha
Praia da Rocha. Photo by Eloy Rodriguez
The Beach Rock, known as Praia da Rocha by the natives, is one of the most famous and visited beaches during the summer by foreigners and by the Portuguese during their holiday season.
This beach is situated in the town of Portimão, Algarve (Wikipedia Article), in Portugal. It is a huge beach, with a total area of 146,000 m² over 1.5 km of coastline.

Praia da Rocha - Praia da
Praia da Rocha. Photo by Hans Pohl

Famous legend of Praia da Rocha

 - Praia da
Praia da Rocha. Photo by PedroKin
A mermaid arrived at Algarve, it is not clear where. She settled on the seafront, resting from a journey that should have been long and grueling. A fisherman who was in the vicinity, doing his job saw her, approached and said:“I do not know where you came, but I must inform you that all that you see is mine. The sea has created this place and I am the son of the Sea!”
The mermaid smiled in a way that arrested the Fisherman and replied to him, “I came from far, Fisherman, so far. I stopped here after much searching, and seeing everything here is so quiet I think I want to stay.” “What is your name? Who are you?”, asked the son of the sea. “ I have no name, Fisherman. I am just what I am”, said the Mermaid. “So, be welcome, Mermaid, to this place that is yours already”, replied the Fisherman. Then, far away, a wild and rude voice was heard, “Do not give what is not yours, Fisherman! This land is mine, was the mountain that created it! I am the son of the mountains and everything you see belongs to me!” So, the man of the mountain - whispered to the mermaid, “Maybe it's you, that's the end of my journey.”

“Let him talk Mermaid! What power he and his mountain has against the power of my Father, against the waves without owner!”“Ah, ah, ah!”, laughed the man of the mountains. “Try to climb the mountain! What power has your waves against the robustness that I inherited from my Mother? I am more powerful, if I want, I can create mountains in the Sea!”

An imminent fight erupted between the two giants; the Sea trying to calm his waves that grew and thickened; the mountain was getting dark, shaking the pine trees. And the Mermaid was delighted with the violent love that she saw growing in them, but told them:
“Do not fight! I'll wait here for you bring me a proof of your strength. But go now, I'm tired and want to rest!”
Slowly the two rivals turned away from the beach. One entered into the sea, the other climbed the mountain. They were thoughtful, looking for the best way to convince the Mermaid.

So she settled herself as if she were in her own house and waited.
The first to arrive was the Fisherman. Brought to her the sea and held it to her feet, painting the edge of soft green, and the distance with a deep blue, saying, “All this is my Sea, and is yours, Mermaid!”

And the Mermaid stared at the sea, delighted with his waves. Suddenly, she heard the man of the mountain.
“Mermaid, here I am, I will give you a stone throne high overhead the world. I already asked the wind that packs you sleep, and the sun to warm your days, and the sources to refresh you all the time. Come with me and you will be the Queen of the mountain.”
“You arrived late, man of the mountains! I feel like the Queen of the Sea”, the Mermaid answered.

Enraged by being rejected, the mountain rolled huge boulders into the sea, surrounding the Mermaid. “If you do not climb the mountain, the mountain descends into the sea.”

The Sea became angry, and during nights and days, days and nights, threw himself against the rocks, but could not undo them.
And so it continued until the Mermaid, not being able to decide, became a sand as fine as there is no other equal, taking the eternal tribute of two giant lovers, sometimes rivals, other enemies, others still great friends. The place now has the name of Praia da Rocha or Rock Beach.

Praia da Rocha - Praia da
Praia da Rocha. Photo by Hans Pohl


Praia da Rocha - Praia
	da Rocha
Praia da Rocha - Praia da Rocha. Photo by Jorge
The Praia da Rocha offers various activities:
  • Delight with the wonders of being in a boat trip with visits to unique places, accessible only by boat, and other itineraries that include visiting dolphins.
  • Enjoy a beautiful sunny day with great music, great people and a lot of drink aboard a party boat.
  • Have fun on a banana boat pulled by a jet ski, where the main objective is to stay on top of it.

How to Get There

The Praia da Rocha is situated in the bustling city of Portimão, so the beach has easy access by car, motorcycle, bicycle and even on foot.

Where to Stay

There is a huge variety of hotels close to the beach, some more sophisticated hotels and also some simpler, pleasing to all budgets. There is also a large supply of homes and small apartments that are rented during the summer season, and great for large families who go on holiday to Algarve.

The Best Time to Visit

During the winter, from December to February, the beach is almost deserted because of the low temperatures. During the fall and the spring, the beach is very quiet and the natives dedicate this time to hiking.

The movement of people on the beach reaches its peak in the summer, between June and September, when the children and the teens are on vacation and the tourists flock to enjoy the good weather in the region and observe the natural beauty of this place.
So for those who seek a pleasant climate but do not like the presence of crowds, it is ideal to visit Praia da Rocha during the months of October, November, March, April and May. On the other hand, to the tourist who is a fan of sunny days, nights of vibrant parties, the company of lots of people and movement, it is ideal to plan their trip for the months of August and September, when the beach and the whole area is crowded with people.

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Author: Laryssa Balduino. Last updated: Jun 14, 2015

Pictures of Praia da Rocha

Praia da Rocha beach - Praia da Rocha
Praia da Rocha beach - Photo by David


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