Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Hotel in Davao, Mindanao

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Hotel in Davao, Mindanao

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Pearl Farm Beach Resort

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 - Pearl Farm Beach
Pearl Farm Beach Resort.
Pearl Farm Beach Resort is an 11-hectare, hidden treasure located in the garden island of Samal, Davao. The resort was once a cultivation farm for White-Lipped Oysters from the Sulu Sea (Wikipedia Article), these were cultivated for their luxurious white and gold south sea pearls. Today, the Pearl Farm has now become a world-class resort and a secluded sanctuary for tourists wanting to experience a premier vacation escapade.

The Pearl Farm is the most popular beach resort on the island, known for its extravagant accommodations and facilities. The resort is inspired by local tribal culture and is the only resort in Davao that houses the Mandaya Weaving Center, a place where Mandaya women weave intricately designed products.


The resort offers several activities that include island hopping and water adventure. Tourists are captivated with the resort’s crystal-clear waters which is perfect for kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Aside from the magnificent coral reefs of Samal, the Pearl Farm’s attractions also include two sunken World War II ships which is accessible only through scuba diving. The pristine waters around the resort is also home to different species of marine life and natural wonders.

Aqua Sport Center

Pearl Farm
	Resort - Davao City - Pearl Farm Beach Resort
Pearl Farm Resort - Davao City - Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Photo by raqmitch
Pearl Farm Beach Resort has a wide selection of water sport and activities for guests to enjoy. These include:
  • Boats for Cruising
  • Jet-Skis
  • Banana Boat Rides
  • Kayaks
  • Hobie Cats (Wikipedia Article)
  • Windsurfing
  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

  • Mandaya Weaving Center

    One of the exotic attractions in the resort, guests can watch and experience the skillful weaving of colorful handbags and clothing of the Mandaya tribeswomen. These folks uses a traditional cloth called “Dagmay”, which has intricate patterns and designs which are attributed from the tribe’s folklore and religion.


    The best dining experience on Samal Island can only be experienced in the Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s Maranao Restaurant. Aside from the wide array of fresh seafood specialties, guests can enjoy delicious international cuisines and traditional Filipino dishes.

    After enjoying a sumptuous meal at the restaurant, tourists can head to the Parola Bar for some lounging and relaxation. It’s the perfect place to enjoy different refreshments (or concoctions of your favorite drinks) while admiring the stunning view of Mount Apo (Wikipedia Article) and the sea.

    Lounge chairs -
	Pearl Farm Beach Resort
    Lounge chairs - Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Photo by Adrian Bailon


    Pearl Farm Beach Resort offers its guest a wide selection of accommodation options that caters their individual needs and preferences. There are currently six types of guest rooms available in the resort, each having their very own unique features.

    Hilltop (Balay) Room

    All rooms in the Balay Houses are furnished and decorated with native materials. The houses are situated on the hillside, which successfully gives out a natural ambiance and beautiful panoramic scenery. Each room is fully air-conditioned, equipped with modern features such as hot and cold showers, cable TV, and mini bar.

    Samal House and Sunset Suite

    These Samal Houses and Sunset Suites are amazingly built on stilts above the water. Both accommodations were designed after the seafarers of the Samal tribe. Each room has a balcony where guests can enjoy the fresh breeze and scenic view of the sea.

    Mandaya House

    Surrounding the pool area of the resort are the Mandaya Houses. The rooms are built together, adjoining two rooms to form one house. The rooms are fully equipped with modern amenities.

    Samal Suite

    These are two-storey houses designed after Muslim cottages. The upper portion of the house is the master’s bedroom, while the lower portion is the living room. Each suite also has its own private stairs that leads to the water. The Samal Suite is the perfect choice for those traveling with their families.

    Malipano Villa

    The Malipano Villa are considered to be the ultimate accommodation for those traveling with their families or groups. These private villas are available at the secluded island across Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Guests can choose between 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom villas, and a speedboat is available 24/7 whenever they want to head back to the beach resort.

    Getting There

    For those coming from Manila or Cebu, the most convenient and quickest way to get to Davao is by plane. Three major airline companies serve the Manila – Davao routes every day. From Davao International Airport, guests can either inform the resort management to have them picked up at the airport or they can take a taxi ride to the Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s Davao Marina, where they can take a boat ride to Samal Island. The travel time from the marina to the Pearl Farm is approximately 45 minutes, and there are only four trips in and out of the resort daily.

    Travel Tips

    • The Pearl Farm Beach Resort has its own souvenir shop called “Butik”, it is the only souvenir center that offers high-quality, local handicrafts, native Mandaya outfits, and even selections of beachwear.
    • Always bring an underwater or waterproof camera. The scuba diving experience offered in Pearl Farm Beach Resort is one the most unique experiences you can enjoy in the Philippines. Make sure you don’t miss it.
    • Aside from the Pearl Farm, there are plenty of other natural attractions in Samal Island that you can enjoy such as the Monfort Bat Cave and the multi-tiered Hagimit Falls.

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    Pictures of Pearl Farm Beach Resort

    Philippines - Davao / Pearl Farm - Pearl Farm Beach Resort
    Philippines - Davao / Pearl Farm - Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Photo by let²

    Beach villa - Pearl Farm Beach Resort
    Beach villa - Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Photo by Adrian Bailon

    Beach chairs - Pearl Farm Beach Resort
    Beach chairs - Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Photo by Adrian Bailon

    Pearl Farm Beach Resort - Pearl Farm Beach Resort
    Pearl Farm Beach Resort - Photo by I Travel Philippines


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