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Osaka Castle
	Cherry Blossom Peak - Osaka
Osaka Castle Cherry Blossom Peak - Osaka. Photo by Loïc Lagarde
Osaka is a city in the Kansai region (Wikipedia
	Article) of Japan, and is the third largest city by population in Japan. This sprawling metropolis has a little bit of everything Japan has to offer while still maintaining a unique character.

Osaka Umeda Skyline by night - Osaka
Osaka Umeda Skyline by night. Photo by Loïc Lagarde

Things to Do

Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle is one of the famous landmarks of the city. Completely renovated and rebuilt from concrete, Osaka Castle stands in the middle of a large park and currently operates as a museum displaying ancient artifacts and historical art from the city's history. The park surrounding the castle is well-known for the magnificent cherry blossoms that arrive in mid-April. It is during this time that most people flock to the park to enjoy the brief beauty of the cherry blossoms.

The Tenpozan Ferris Wheel gives visitors an excellent opportunity for a view of the surrounding city. It is located at the top of a shopping mall in the Tempozan area of Osaka. Visitors buy tickets before entering one of the air-conditioned, enclosed cars. Each car is equipped with a personal stereo that can be used in with any MP3 device, and the windows of the cars have images outlining the important buildings that can be seen from the Ferris wheel.

The National Bunraku Theatre (Wikipedia Article) offers the unique opportunity to view a traditional Japanese play from the 1600s and 1700s. Bunraku is a style of entertainment where a play is re-enacted using puppets. Each puppet requires three people to operate and the performance is accompanied by traditional music and narration.The National Bunraku Theatre in Osaka is one of the last places in the world where this form of theatre can be seen.

Osaka is also a great place to be for baseball fans. The city is home to two professional baseball teams, the Orix Buffaloes and the Hanshin Tigers. The Orix Buffaloes is where Suzuki Ichiro got his start, and within their home stadium of Kyocera Dome Osaka there is a mural dedicated to the history of his career with the team. The Hanshin Tigers play at Koshien Stadium just outside of Osaka. They are known for having the most fanatical and dedicated fans in Japan, and are often called the Japanese-version of the Boston Red Sox.

While in Osaka, there is one must-do that every visitor should experience - the local specialty Okonomiyaki. A cross between pizza, omelette, and pancake; this cabbage-based cake can be customized with other ingredients and is unique to the Osaka area. Restaurants that specialize in this dish are often crowded but it is well worth the wait to try it for yourself. The dish is created in front of the patron on a flat-top griddle in the middle of the table typically by the wait-staff.

Shinsaibashi night,
	Osaka, Japan - Osaka
Shinsaibashi night, Osaka, Japan. Photo by Luke Ma


There are direct flights available to Osaka via Kansai International Airport, which is connected to the city by both the JR Kansai Airport Line or Nankai Electric Railway. Domestic flights arrive at Itami airport located on the Osaka Monorail. The Shin-Osaka station is the main railway station in Osaka, receiving trains from Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Nara, and more.





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Pictures of Osaka


Cityscape, Osaka, Japan - Osaka
Cityscape, Osaka, Japan - Photo by Luke Ma

Osaka Castle - Osaka
Osaka Castle - Photo by Yoshikazu TAKADA

Osaka at night - Osaka
Osaka at night - Photo by hira3


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