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Town in Spain, Europe

Precioso Atardecer en Mijas Photo © Gerard Arcos

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Burro taxis -
Burro taxis - Mijas. Photo by Heavenbound
This lovely white village is located in the middle of Costa del Sol. Nestled in the hills above the beach area, the views are amazing. Since this is a very hilly terrain it is better to walk around this small village or hire one of the burro taxis that the area is renowned for. The villagers are very welcoming towards tourists, but also very proud of their Andalusian (Wikipedia Article) culture and history.


This village, because of the protection of the mountains surrounding it, made the Romans consider this a prime lookout location to watch for enemies arriving on the coast. The Muslims took over the village in the 8th century and expanded the urban center and the walls surrounding the outer perimeter. Today, travelers can still see remnants of invasion in a few of the houses and churches. In 1487, Christian soldiers overtook Mijas once again and awarded prizes and honors to the village for their loyalty and faithfulness during the reign of the Muslims.

	Office - Mijas - stunning views - Mijas
Tourism Office - Mijas - stunning views. Photo by Elliott Brown

What to See

Mijas Pueblo, Andalucia -
Mijas Pueblo, Andalucia - Mijas. Photo by Oliver Clarke
There are many unusual and beautiful buildings and churches to see in Mijas, but a few are very special.

Museum House of Mijas

Museum House of Mijas contains displays about the culture and lifestyles of the early days of the villagers. This two-storey building houses displays of ceramics and pottery in one room, and in a second room are a collection of antique tools for farming. Both of these rooms surround a true Andalusian patio with Arabic details. On the second floor is one room with an extremely tiny room that can be seen through a double-bottomed cupboard. The tiny room contains a wardrobe, a bed, and a table. The story is that a Republican named Manuel Cortes, hid in this room for 30 years in order to stand up for his democratic ideas that endangered his life due to threats from the Fascists.

Bullfighting Museum

The Bullfighting Museum, Plaza de Toros, can be toured for a reasonable fee and has displays of bullfights and artifacts.

Sanctuary of Virgen de la Pena

Sanctuary of Virgen de la Pena is impressive and unusual since the shrine was built surrounding a cave. The story behind this monument is that in 1586, two children were led by a dove to the cave where a vision of the Virgin appeared telling them where the statue had been hidden for five centuries. The children’s father was a builder and he built the shrine in honor of the Virgin and as a way of marking the spot where his children saw the vision. The little chapel inside the cave is the permanent home of the statue which sits above the altar. There is also quite a collection of rosaries, silver crosses of all sizes, and priestly ceremonial robes. If a visitor would care to light a candle, they may, and there are benches for quiet reflections. Taking photographs is allowed, but tourists are asked not to photograph the rosaries or the ceremonial robes.

Iglesia Parroquial de la Immaculada Concepcion

Iglesia Parroquial de la Immaculada Concepcion is one of the largest churches in Mijas and was built around 1632, although it is said that it was started much earlier. The church was built over an Arab castle and one of the towers was used as a bell tower. A restoration of the interior of the church in 1991-1992 revealed a series of frescoes of the Apostles which dated back to the beginning of the church.

Sanctuary of Virgen de
	la Pena/Chapel of the Virgin of the Rock - Mijas - Mijas
Sanctuary of Virgen de la Pena/Chapel of the Virgin of the Rock - Mijas. Photo by Elliott Brown


There are many good restaurants in this small village, but a few will let you pick out the meat of your choice and then they will cook it on wood-burning grills outside. It is an amazing experience for your taste buds!


If you are in the market for Majorca pearls, then you are in the right place. Prices are very reasonable and the competition is intense for this market.
Beautiful pottery can be found from locals that still use the ancient kilns and methods which their ancestors have used for centuries. Shipping is available for the pottery at very reasonable prices.

Getting There

The fastest way to travel to Mijas is to fly into Malaga (Wikipedia Article) and then rent a car or hire a shuttle for the short trip to this beautiful village. You will need a car or taxi to get to the beach as it is not within walking distance.

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Pictures of Mijas

Mijas. Photo by unknown

Mijas pueblo . Andalucia - Mijas
Mijas pueblo . Andalucia - Photo by Nick Kenrick

Av del Compas - "El Compas" - Mijas - stunning views - Mijas
Av del Compas - "El Compas" - Mijas - stunning views - Photo by Elliott Brown

Ermita Virgen de la Peña, Mijas, Málaga - Mijas
Ermita Virgen de la Peña, Mijas, Málaga - Photo by Clara Sánchez


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