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Miami Beach

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	Drive (Miami Beach, FL) - Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive (Miami Beach, FL) - Ocean Drive. Photo by Luis Rodriguez
Miami Beach, a famous tourist destination for sun-lovers, is actually a city in Florida. It’s a small barrier island located near Miami that was originally cleared of mangroves in late 1800s for the coconut farms. Later on, in the year 1915, it was developed into a city by the real estate. Generally, tourists consider Miami Beach as a part of Miami; it's actually a municipality in its own. Located on Biscayne Bay and a barrier island east of Miami, its home to a large number of beach resorts and is therefore considered as one of the most famous spring break party destinations in the world. Due to its extensive area, it’s divided into 2 or 3 districts, of which the South Beach is the most popular.

Districts of Miami Beach

South Beach

Starts from the southern tip of the island and ends near the 23rd street. The is the most visited and renowned part of Miami Beach. Often when tourists mention Miami Beach, they refer to South Beach.

Middle Beach

The mid island section starts near the 23rd street and ends at the 63rd street. This part is mostly simply referred to as the “Miami Beach.”
While not as renowned as South Beach, there are still plenty of tourist resorts such as the famous Fontainebleau and Sheraton along this stretch of Miami Beach.

North Beach

From 63rd street and onwards is the district of the North Beach, forming the northern part of the island.

About Miami Beach

Classic Buick - Miami
Classic Buick - Miami Beach. Photo by roevin | Urban Capture
There is no doubt that Miami Beach is one the United State's most well renowned beach resorts in the world for almost a century. Being a city in itself, it’s popular for its rich history and is considered to be a trend setter for its art centers, nightlife and culture, right from the famous world nightclubs of the 1950s to the rich cultural life of today’s southern beach. This is the reason why Miami Beach is known today as a major cultural and entertainment destination, having stronger than ever production, entertainment and art communities. Being a world class destination, Miami Beach proudly offers a variety of lodging options. As a tourist, you have the option to stay in a regular hotel or to go through various vacation rentals, particularly including the beachfront condos.

The city of Miami Beach houses a large percentage of the Latin American population which is the reason why Spanish is often used along with English for every day disclosure; however English still is the preferred language amongst its residents. It also includes a small Haitan community. On your tour to Miami Beach, you will however find many public announcements and signs in Spanish, Creole and English.

Weather and Climatic Conditions

Other than the occasional cold snaps, Miami Beach is known for its warm and tropical weather. Situated just above the Tropic of Cancer (Wikipedia
	Article), it has got a subtropical climate with warm springs, dry winters, humid, hot and rainy summers and falls. However, due to the ocean breeze, it has lower humidity and heat than the internal areas of South Florida and also doesn't get as cool and chilly as the internal South Florida area in the cold climatic conditions.

Ocean Drive - Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive. Photo by Eduardo Merille


There are quite a number of landmarks which you must visit during your trip to Miami Beach. You must visit the South Pointe Park, located at 1 Washington Ave at the southernmost tip of Miami Beach. There, you can have some of the most stunning views of Miami's skyline, Government Cut and the Fisher Island. There is also a free splash park and playground for kids, having a waterfront promenade and well manicured green space, thus providing wonderful sceneries and playing facilities for adults and children respectively.

Local Miami Beach Tours

Want to enjoy the city in a new way? Then these tours will help you see Miami, like you have never done before.

Things to Do

Exploring Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive
The Ocean Drive offers a unique opportunity for exploring the Art Deco area rescued by the preservationists who saved South Beach from destruction. The historic preservation of Miami Beach in the 1980s has introduced its raw beauty to the world. Two of the most popular hotels in Ocean Drive are the Hilton Gran Vacations Club and the South Beach Marriot. The lower Ocean Drive is popular amongst club hoppers. Many celebrities also come to this area to enjoy the giant lobsters and truffle mac by dining at Prime 112 and its twin restaurant, Prime Italian.

GoCar GPS Tours

Want to take a tour around the entire proximity of Miami Beach? Well this is your chance, with the help of GoCar GPS tours you can see it all. The GoCar will not only take you on a tour consisting of places that most of the visitors never see but also narrates the stories and history of the famous destination during the trip. The tours are available at your pace in a two person scooter type of car. The rates start at $29 per hour. Daily discounted rates are also available.

The Lovely Beaches

Miami Beach is more about the beaches than anything else. All the beaches have warm, calm and clean waters all the year round, with palm trees, soft golden sand and skyscrapers located right on its coastline. The cool breeze from the ocean makes the hot weather conditions pleasant for your comfort. Go jet skiing, water surfing, fishing and swimming on these beaches to make the most of your vacation.

Miami Boat Rentals and Yacht Charters.

You can enjoy a glorious view of Miami Beach from the waters through the fun and affordable Miami Yacht charters and boat rentals. There is free jet skiing with yacht charter on particular vessels ranging in size from 13 meter to 38 meter. Whether you want to go for a full day or a half day charter, it all depends on your personal taste and timings.

Enjoying Fitness on the Beach

Enjoy sporting activities on the beach by grabbing a Frisbee or a paddle ball from any store on the South Beach. You can also hire an instructor at the Florida Surf store for lessons in order to enjoy the refreshing and thrilling tides. You can also sign up for a sunset yoga class or the dance based Zumba classes.

Experiencing the Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition

Ranked as the most successful and one of the largest fairs in the nation, it attracts about 700,000 visitors every year. The fair stretches up to 18 days and is held at the end of March or at the start of April. You can experience over 100 rides, food from nearly 170 vendors, visit gift shops and play 50 different types of games. There is also a world agriculture competition and a Mardi Gras (Wikipedia Article) parade that is held on a daily basis and must not be missed.

Eco-Adventure Tours

There are naturalist-guided nature adventures offered by the Miami-Dade Parks Eco Adventures. During the tour, you can participate in activities such as snorkeling in clean water and kayaking. You will also experience canoe trips through the mangrove creeks or cycle through Key Biscayne on the bike paths.

Art Deco Walking Tour

Are you open to learning some interesting history and architecture of Miami Beach buildings? Learn about the heroes, the pioneers, the villains and the cultural contributors of this city by participating in this tour.

 - Miami Beach
Collins Avenue, one of the main avenues of Miami Beach. . Photo by Ernie Cruz


Every vacation is incomplete without some sort of shopping spree and when it comes to Miami Beach, the place is simply a paradise for those who love to shop. From Versace, Missioni to Vivienne Westwood and Chloé, delve into the world of shopping to purchase your favorite brands!

The Washington Avenue

Considered as the designer district, you can find all your favorite designer labels within walking distance from each other. Spend as much time as you want in the changing rooms to shop for what you want; there are a variety of one-of-a-kind boutiques which you will find here.

The Lincoln Road

The strip is open to shoppers and pedestrians even though it’s closed to traffic. You will find standard stores, boutiques, bath products and spa and body stores. It’s a great place for strolling around and you will definitely enjoy its architecture if you are an art deco fan. Besides, there are also a lot of restaurants and cafes from where you can test your taste buds.

The Espanola Way, a pedestrian mall of Washington Avenue is located near the 14th street. The architecture is amazing and is reminiscent of a Spanish village with its red roofs. On Sundays, the street becomes extremely crowded and everything from the souvenirs to the freshly cut flowers are sold in stalls.

Those of you who aren't particularly worried about the budget can head to the Bal Harbor (Wikipedia Article) stores.

Where to Dine

There's a lot of international flavors which you can find, from Latin foods to the Cuban cuisines.

Dining at the Forge

In this glamorous city, you may require a grand stage on which you can eat. This is why you must consider dining in at The Forge, a 19th century Parisian frontage boosting a glitzy interior. It once hosted the likes of Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and Richard Nixon. You will find decadent wines, steaks and fish dishes; however there is also healthy menu for those that are calorie conscious. The Wednesdays provide a real life episode of the dynasty at the Forge.

Tasting Modern American Cuisine

You can always taste original American dishes other than the 24 hour diners and burgers in Miami Beach. The food here, is in fact, delicious, fresh and different. In the South beach area, you can try Barton G, who serves fabulous dishes such as popcorn shrimp and grilled sea bass, Caesar salad with grated cheese and plume of cotton candy etc. Those who are looking for a light meal can head to Segafredo, where you can eat tasty salads, sandwiches, and desserts, while sitting on the comfy chairs and listening to the soundtracks of cool lounge music all day long.Some of the popular restaurants in Miami Beach are as follows:
  • The Traymore Restaurant and Bar offers a healthy mix of American, contemporary and seafood.
  • Café Prima Pasta specializes in Italian cuisines.
  • Pied a Terre serves French and Contemporary dishes.
  • Katsuya by Stark specializes in Japanese seafood.
  • Ola at the Sanctuary serves South American Cuisines.

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    The Nightlife

    Without a doubt, nothing beats Miami Beach when it comes to its nightlife. Being one of the best cities of the world for nightlife, it offers the hottest nightclubs where you can party all night long. The hottest nightclubs are the following below.


    This legendary south beach night club is designed completely for a new millennium. Its got top DJs from all around the world and stages outstanding live rock concerts. You must reserve a VIP table for the best service and view of dance floor.

	Nightclub Miami - Miami Beach
    LIV Nightclub Miami - Miami Beach. Photo by Gogobot Inc.


    LIV is a major player in the party scene of Miami, as it’s located at the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach. The lavish design, outrageous entertainment and huge space makes it a unqie place among the other clubs. This is also the reason why it’s similar to travelling to Las Vegas without leaving Miami.

    Nikki Beach, Mynt Lounge and Set Miami are some of the other best nightclubs.


    You can travel around the city of Miami Beach using bikes, cars, bus services as well as the famous gold carts. Transportation is easily available and there is no issue when searching for public transport throughout this city. As a city with a 'see and be seen' attitude, there is an abundance of flashy sportscars, shiny old-timers and other expensive rides.

    Special Events

    Carnaval Miami

    When you think of Miami Beach, you think of parties and the unlimited entertainment that it’s popular for. From traditional to tacky, it has it all. In early March every year, this is where Carnaval Miami is held, where you can experience a vibrant array of beauty pageants, concerts, sports and international dishes. There are also culinary competitions, an upscale Latin Jazz festival and galas that you will thoroughly enjoy. The grand finale is known as Calle Ocho, a 23rd block street festival in little Havana, and also the largest block party in the world. More than a million people watch this live entertainment on 30 different stages featuring meringue, salsa and Caribbean music.

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    Pictures of Miami Beach

    Miami Beach - Miami Beach
    Miami Beach - Photo by Jean-Jacques M.

    Ocean Drive - Miami Beach
    Ocean Drive - Miami Beach. Photo by Fintrvlr

    Conspicuous cars often seen in Miami Beach - Miami Beach
    Conspicuous cars often seen in Miami Beach - Photo by Antonello


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