Metropolis Building. Public Building in Madrid, Spain

Metropolis Building

Public Building in Madrid, Spain

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Metropolis Building

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The Metropolis Building is one of the most famous, if not the most famous, buildings in Madrid, Spain. This spectacular and much-photographed office building is located on the corner of the monumental Gran Via, another highlight in the city, and the Calle de Alcalá (Wikipedia Article) in the heart of Madrid. It is a stunning building because of its elegant French Beaux-Arts architecture and numerous sculptures.


The building was designed by the two French architects, Jules and Raymond Février, who had won a design competition that was held by the insurance company, Union y el Fenix Español. Construction started in 1907 at a site near where a new boulevard (the Gran Via) was planned. The building was finished in 1910 and inaugurated one year later, in 1911. The building was purchased by Metropolis Seguros in 1972 and a series of renovations was begun.


The main feature of the Metropolis Building is its beautifully bright white façade that is decorated with many sculptures and numerous ornaments. The ground floor is topped with stunning colonnaded upper floors. The colonnades consist of Corinthian twin columns, which support four massive statues. Those statues represent Mining, Agriculture, Trade, and Industry. Above the statues, the façade is decorated with small windows and festoons. A magnificent black dome crowns the building, on top of which stands a spectacular statue of Winged Victory. The black dome is partially covered with thousands of leaves of 24-carat gold.

Visiting the Metropolis Building

The Metropolis Building is an office building and is not open to the public. It can, however, be admired from the outside and is particularly spectacular at night, when it is beautifully illuminated. It’s a building that shouldn't be missed when visiting Madrid – it truly is one of the grandest buildings in the city.

How to Get There

Although it is often assumed that the Gran Via starts at the Metropolis Building, the structure’s official address is Calle de Alcala 39. The first building on the Gran Via is the Edificio Grassy (Wikipedia
	Article). Located on the corner of two major thoroughfares in Madrid, the building is easily reached on foot or by public transport. The nearest subway stations are Sevilla (line M1) and Banco de España (line M2).

Similar and Nearby Landmarks

Nearby attractions are the great Buen Retiro Park, the stunning Place de Cibeles with the Cibeles Palace and the world-class Prado Museum. Other buildings worth seeing are the Royal Palace Madrid and the Almudena Cathedral.

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Pictures of Metropolis Building

Madrid Metropolis - Metropolis Building
Madrid Metropolis - Metropolis Building. Photo by Juan Carlos Monge

Alcalá-Gran Vía (Madrid) - Metropolis Building
Alcalá-Gran Vía (Madrid) - Metropolis Building. Photo by Miguel Diaz

Metropolis 1.2 - Metropolis Building
Metropolis 1.2 - Metropolis Building. Photo by Mario Phox

Ed. Metropolis - gran via - madarid - Metropolis Building
Ed. Metropolis - gran via - madarid - Metropolis Building. Photo by Montse Poch


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