MegaZip Adventure Park. Theme Park in Sentosa, Singapore

MegaZip Adventure Park

Theme Park in Sentosa, Singapore

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MegaZip Adventure Park

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MegaZip Adventure Park - MegaZip
	Adventure Park
MegaZip Adventure Park - MegaZip Adventure Park. Photo by alantankenghoe
There’s no denying that Singapore has something to offer everyone who visits. Well, all except adrenalin junkies perhaps. Although one could certainly turn shopping into an endurance sport in this glorious island, and enjoy a shot of adrenalin in the process, there really isn’t much else which is set to get your pulse rate racing. Admittedly, the city is trying to develop this side of the city's entertainment scene, yet there's little doubt that the highlights in this gorgeous city, lie elsewhere.

At least, there's always MegaZip Adventure Park.

Singapore’s number one adrenalin activity is found on stunning Sentosa Island, that little speck of isle just off the southern shores. Head here for a reprieve from the shopping and sightseeing, and you could be zipping your way through the jungle tree tops, challenge your balance on challenging rope courses, learn to climb a 16m rock wall, bite your nails on a simulated parachute jump and bounce yourself nuts.
However sedate and mellow you think a Singapore vacation normally is, MegaZip Adventure Park is set to change your mind.

MegaZip Flying Fox #4 - MegaZip Adventure Park
MegaZip Flying Fox #4 - MegaZip Adventure Park. Photo by Choo Yut Shing

What MegaZip is all about

Considered to be Singapore’s first ever sport attraction, this adventure park opened in 2009 and swiftly claimed a top spot among the most popular attractions in the city. Along with the nearby iFly Singapore, the world’s largest indoor skydiving simulator park, MegaZip is helping Sentosa establish itself as the active traveler’s haven. Aside the adrenalin pumping activities, MegaZip offers absolutely startling views of the bay, jungle and sea off the island’s coast.

Found atop Imbiah Hill, on the north-western corner of Sentosa Island, MegaZip Park is snuggled between Underwater World and Universal Studios Singapore. It offers five distinct experiences, which you can try individually (ideal if you don’t want to splurge too much) or book together for what would definitely be a full, fun-filled day.


The highlight of the park is its half a kilometer long zip-line course, which will see you soar from the top of Imbiah Hill (75 meters high), straight through the (barely) top of the jungle, and land at the picturesque beachfront of Siloso. You’ll be reaching speeds of up to 60km/hr and enjoy spectacular views along the way, as long as you remember to keep your eyes wide open. Best part about this activity is that it’s set up to catapult three visitors at a time, so you can enjoy the ride and race your mates at the same time.

ClimbMax- S$39 ($29)

	- MegaZip Adventure Park
ClimbMax - MegaZip Adventure Park. Photo by 24seven Communications
Even though you are only between 5 and 15 meters above ground, ClimbMax provides arguably the biggest adrenalin rush of all. A rope course designed to test your skills, strength, confidence and vertigo, this fantastic collection of bridges, jumps, ladders and flying foxes is challenging for newbies but very fun activity for all. The blissful scent of eucalyptus makes this by far the most fragrant activity of all. You’ll be strapped in to safety lines the whole way, so safety’s not an issue.

ParaJump: S$19 ($14)

The simulated parachute jump, or Leap of Faith, is supposed to replicate a parachute jump, complete with a few seconds of freefall and body harness, although this is tied to a bungee rope rather than a parachute. Both the fall, and the landing, are perfectly orchestrated to be smooth and safe. If you’ve mastered the real deal you may find this more than a little tame, yet the short and sweet 15 meter jump can be a great intro for those who have yet to jump out of a perfectly good plane.

NorthFace- S$19 ($14)

NorthFace is the best all-rounder of all and challenges your skills and athleticism more than any of the other activities. This 16 meter climbing wall is packed with bolted routes and ready to be conquered. You’ll be belayed the whole way and assisted by professional climbers, so challenge yourself to reach the top and enjoy a relaxing abseil back down. For fun and cheap thrills, this one can’t be beat.

MegaBounce- S$15 ($11)

A great activity for kids, this trampoline contraption allows you to jump up to 10 meters , thanks to the bungee-attached harness you’ll be wearing. You’ll find this on the beachfront at Siloso and can buy the tickets directly on site. MegaBounce locations are also set up at the Singapore Zoo, OCBC Square and DTE at Event Square.
Aside Megabounce, all other four activities can be purchased together, for a total saving of 40%.


Please note that only MegaZip and MegaBounce are suitable for kids and both height and weight restrictions apply to all rides. Generally speaking though, if you’re over 8 years old, weigh between 25 and 120kgs, and are over 90cms in height, you should be able to try them all out.
As far as fitness requirements are concerned, the zip-line flight and parachute(less) jump are suitable for all, whilst for the climbing wall and rope course, a bit of skill and relatively good fitness is required. Comfortable sport or outdoor clothing is highly recommended.

Opening Times

Every day between 11am and 7pm.

How to get there

There are several ways to get to Sentosa and its MegaZip Adventure Park. the most popular, by far, is to reach it via the cable car.
If you come here by cable car from Singapore’s CBD, then all you need do is turn right after you exit the station, and walk a few seconds to reach Imbiah Hill Road. You’ll see a sign pointing you up the road. The park is only about 100m along the road.
If you happen to be near Siloso Beach then you can just spend S$5 ($3.70) and hop on the express buggy which will save you an uphill walk.

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Author: Laura Pattara. Last updated: May 01, 2015


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