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Beach in Alagoas, Brazil

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Maragogi -
	AL - Maragogi
Maragogi - AL - Maragogi. Photo by Everaldo Vilela
Maragoginota is a municipality in the state of Alagoas and is located between Maceió (Wikipedia Article) and Recife, about 125 km from each location.
Their estimated population in 2011 was about 29,280 inhabitants, and the average temperature is 27°C. Maragogi's economy is based on tourism, fishing, and farming.
It has the most beautiful beaches on the coast of the reefs between the south coast of Pernambuco and Alagoas' north coast, being considered one of the major regional tourist centers.


The city was once a village established in 1875 with the name of ‘Isabel’, and had the name changed to ‘Maragogi’ in the following year. This name came from a river that flows through the city,and therefore the location was called Maragogi.
The city of Maragogi has great importance in Brazilian history. The Dutch and Portuguese competed for this land for several years but the residents of the Maragogi village, despite their lack of resources but equipped with heroism, prevented and dismantled the Dutch's attempt of landing in Alagoas.

Maragogi. . Photo by Letícia Marques

The Beaches

Maragogi has 23 km of beaches which showcase pure beauty, natural pools, and rivers, adding to the city's charm.
Maragogi is very inviting as it highlights the soft, blue tone of the ocean which is so unmatched, making it a perfect setting for moments of peace and tranquility.
The city's main beaches are:

Pousada Praiagogi, Praia do
	Camacho- seaview - Maragogi
Pousada Praiagogi, Praia do Camacho- seaview - Maragogi. Photo by Alison McGowan

Praia de São Bento (St. Benedict Beach)

It is a quiet beach of medium length and is considered a good option for those who are looking for a place to relax. The beach has a more rustic look and has a village of fishermen who live on site, which means that movement on the beach never stops.
Usually, the St. Benedict Beach receives a good number of tourists during the high season, who come to rest and unwind. It has a good range of golden, soft sand and the sea is calm with transparent waters, suitable for a swim and for enjoying water sports such as kayaking.

Praia do Camacho (Camacho Beach)

The beach is very quiet and is considered one of the crannies of the city. Their pleasant climate and beautiful scenery enchants many visitors who come to the place.
The Camacho Beach, lesser known by the tourists who visit the city, is most visited during the high season and is practically deserted during the rest of the year. Its main frequenters are the residents of the region and the fishermen.

Praia de Maragogi (Maragogi Beach)

This is the most frequented beach and the most famous of Maragogi. It has a great infrastructure of bars, restaurants, hotels, and hostels and is located next to the River Maragogi which has calm, blue, and warm waters. It is here that the tours come out to the Welsh (natural pools), which are much sought by the tourists.

Praia de
	Peroba / Peroba Beach - Maragogi
Praia de Peroba / Peroba Beach - Maragogi. Photo by Márcio Cabral de Moura

Praia de Peroba (Peroba Beach)

This is a beach of fine sandy, calm sea, and warm waters, great for a dip in their 500-meter (length) waters. The beach has natural pools at low tide, which are very popular amongst divers, and at high tide the sea is busier and the pools disappear. The Peroba Beach has excellent hotel infrastructure and is the last beach on the north coast of the state of Alagoas.

Praia Ponta de Mangue (Tip Mangrove Beach)

This is a beach with many vacation homes which are most frequented by the residents of the city which makes it very quiet. It has beautiful natural pools at low tide where it is possible to observe various species of fish.

Praia de Barra Grande (Large Bar Beach)

The village of Barra Grande is very old and is a simple fishing village, equipped with some vacation homes and few paved streets. There are also some hotels and inns in the area. The sea is very calm and the tourists who visit this beach find many fishermen in their daily activities.

Praia de Burgalhau (Burgalhau Beach)

This is the least frequented beach in the town and is a sandy beach with a beautiful barrier reef. It is located just after the Rio dos Paus (River Clubs), where we can find a large mangrove with various animal species.

Não deixe
	que a tristeza do passado e o medo do futuro estrague  a alegria do presente... - Maragogi
Não deixe que a tristeza do passado e o medo do futuro estrague a alegria do presente... - Maragogi. Photo by Rafaela FG

How to Get There

The tourists can get to the city of Maragogi:

By Car

Coming from Maceió: Access by the AL-101, north to Barra de Santo Antônio, then take the AL-413 to São Luís do Quitunde (Wikipedia Article), drive along the AL-105 to Porto Calvo and take the route of AL-465 to Japaratinga, and finally drive along the AL-101 to Maragogi.
Coming from Recife: Access the BR-101 Sul, drive along the PE-060, and join the the AL-101 to Maragogi.

By Plane

The nearest airport is in Recife, about 130 km from the city, and the Maceió Airport is about 140 km from Maragogi.

By Bus

The company Alagoas Real (phones: +55 82 3356 1324 and +55 81 3452 9400) travels along the lines: Maceio x Maragogi and Recife x Maragogi. It's 2 hours and 30 minutes of travel, independent of the departure city.


Maragogi is a tourist town and offers several accommodation options, among them are: Posada Tartaruga, Pousada Vela Mar, Hotel Praia Dourada, Fazenda Marrecas Eco-Hotel, and Hotel Areias Belas.

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Pictures of Maragogi

Mergulho em Maragogi - Maragogi
Mergulho em Maragogi - Photo by Thiago Melo


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