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A rainy winter evening in Malmö Photo © Maria Eklind

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Malmö. Photo by unknown
Malmö is third most populous city in Sweden and the capital of the region of Skåne (Wikipedia Article). This region, along with Copenhagen, has the densest population of all of Scandinavia. This is a vibrant and multicultural city of over 300,000 people. It is ranked as the 7th most bike-friendly city in the world and also ranked 4th in the world for innovation based on the amount of patents per 10,000 residents.


Founded in the 13th century, Malmö was a part of Denmark for many centuries and made up the region of Øresund. Malmö became part of Sweden during the 17th century after the Treaty of Roskilde (Wikipedia Article) between Denmark and Sweden. Since the 19th century, Malmö has been an industrial city dominated by the Kockums shipyard which also helped the growing mechanical and textile industries. Today, Malmö no longer houses the Kockums shipyard but is an innovative city focused around technology.

Malmö - Malmö
Malmö. Photo by Stanislav Trifonov

What to Do

Since Malmö is a city that is made up of over one-third of immigrants and nearly half the population being under the age of 35, there is a growing nightlife and flourishing restaurant scene. The summertime temperatures make the beach of Ribban a great place to enjoy the sun and take a walk alongside the trendy restaurants and grass-covered sand dunes. The western harbor has recently become a popular hangout and a has a few places to take a dip in the water. The city’s football club, Malmö MFF, has been very successful and they have even recently built a new stadium. During the third week of August, the Malmöfestivalen brings thousand of tourist to the streets that are filled with food vendors and concert stages.


Turning Torso (Wikipedia Article) is the city's as well as Scandinavia's tallest building and can be seen from anywhere in the city. Saint Peter Church, located in the center of the old city, was constructed in 1319 in a Baltic, brick Gothic style. The Öresund Bridge connects Malmö with Copenhagen and can be seen from the seaside. Also on the seaside is the Ribersborg open-air bath that was opened in the 1890s. Popular with the locals, here you can take a dip in the freezing waters during the winter and thaw out again in the saunas.

Malmö by night - Malmö
Malmö by night - Malmö. Photo by Javier Medina

What to Eat

Malmö’s multiculturalism has transformed the restaurant scene here into one of the most interesting in the region. Lilla Torg is a small square in the middle of the Old Town and is surrounded by restaurants ranging from traditional Swedish fare to Japanese, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Malmö has been called the “falafel city” because of the seemingly countless falafel stands. This is probably one of the most common street foods available and can be had at a very competitive price.

Getting There

Transportation in this area is very reliable and you can arrive by airplane, train, car, bus , and ferryline. The Copenhagen airport is the largest in the region and can be reached in about 25 minutes from Malmö’s central train station. Malmö also has a city airport that is serviced by SAS as well as some budget airlines. Ferrylines can be taken from the city center to several of the surrounding cities and countries. The Öresund Bridge was completed in July of 2000 and makes it easy to drive over from Copenhagen.

	Live pressvisning 20131023_013 - Malmö
Malmo Live pressvisning 20131023_013 - Malmö. Photo by News Oresund

Lighthouse in Malmö -
Lighthouse in Malmö - Malmö. Photo by Susanne Nilsson

Getting Around

Malmö is a cycle and pedestrian-friendly city, and with its relatively small size it can be covered by foot in a day. By cycling on one of the many kilometers of cycle paths, one can get from one side of the city to the other in a matter of minutes. The city's bus system is one of the best in the world and you never have to wait very long for a bus to pull up. To ride the bus system, one must have a JoJo bus card. These cards can be purchased at most small convenient stores. You can not pay for a bus ride with cash on the bus. The city’s train system is also very modern and comfortable. The train system goes around the city and also connects to the surrounding region.

Where to Stay

Malmö city center has many fine hotels and there are even some hostels. Most accommodation is located around the Old City which is close to the central train station.

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Pictures of Malmö

South to the Bridge, Malmö - Malmö
South to the Bridge, Malmö - Photo by Philip Chapman-Bell


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