Lotus Temple. Temple in New Delhi, India

Lotus Temple

Temple in New Delhi, India

Delhi, Lotus Temple Photo © Arian Zwegers

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Lotus Temple

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Lotus Temple. Photo by The owner of this picture
Delhi has a lot to offer tourists from all over the world. One such important tourist attraction would be the Lotus Temple, also called the Bahai Temple. Until now, it stands out for having one of the most difficult architectural designs in the country. The temple looks like a huge white lotus when seen from above, hence its name. It occupies 26 acres of landscaped lot, tended to by the Bahai followers and the Delhi government.


The Lotus Temple is regarded as the Bahai House of Worship for the Bahai followers. It was first used in 1986. Bahai aims to develop a community of people from different religions to sing praises to God in one location without any restrictions. Chanting of the Bahai scriptures and the holy books of other religions is allowed in the temple without any accompanying instrument.

Lotus Temple at Night - Lotus
Lotus Temple at Night. Photo by Ronit Bhattacharjee

What Tourists Can Expect

You can try new experiences in Delhi, such as joining their prayer sessions, where you will be asked to chant the teachings of different religions. These sessions often last for two hours.

If you’re curious about the Bahai religion, visit the information center. It can teach you all about the faith through written texts, photographs, and films.

For those who want an exotic experience in the capital, drop by the Lotus Temple at night. Take in its view as it shines like a diamond.

As of 2002, the Lotus Temple had been visited by over 50 million people, making it one of the most famous structures frequented by tourists around the world. During this period, it received even more visitors than the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower. But the temple shines at its brightest with 150,000 people visiting it during the Hindu holy days and celebrative days.

Traveling to the Temple

  • Hire a taxi if you want to travel by road.
  • Fly in to see the famous tourist attraction. It’s located closest to the IGI Airport (Wikipedia Article).
  • Use the Delhi local travel bus.
  • Travel by train. The nearest train station would be the Kalkahi Mandir Metro Stration, which is only 10 minutes away from the temple.
  • Similar and Nearby Landmarks

    Aside from the Lotus Temple, you can also enjoy the following landmarks:
  • Jama Masjud. This is located in the Old City and is the country’s largest mosque. It can even accommodate 25,000 devotees.
  • The Red Fort. This is the capital’s most famous monument. It symbolizes the power of the Mughal emperors of India. Its wall stretches over 2 km. It was built to protect locals from invaders and was completed in 1638.
  • Humayun's Tomb. This looks like Agra’s Taj Mahal because it served as the inspiration of the famous structure’s design.

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    Pictures of Lotus Temple

    Lotus Temple
    Lotus Temple.

    Templo del loto - Lotus Temple
    Templo del loto - Lotus Temple. Photo by David

    New Delhi Lotus Temple Interior - Lotus Temple
    New Delhi Lotus Temple Interior - Photo by VasenkaPhotography


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