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	City - Limerick
Limerick City - Limerick. Photo by Dave Hunt
Limerick, famous for its Georgian architecture, is located in the province of Munster (Wikipedia Article) in south-west Ireland. The Ireland's third-largest city, straddling the banks of the River Shannon, is a culturally rich city. The Limerick International Music Festival, is held here each year, and the city was chosen to be the country's first-ever Irish City of Culture in 2014.

The region has been of great strategic importance ever since the Viking traders established a sheltered seaport on a river island at the head of the Shannon estuary in the 9th century, which grew into the city of Limerick. Over the years it's been invaded by the Romans, the Normans, Cromwell, and William of Orange (Wikipedia Article).

Stroll along O’Connell Street, the main thoroughfare, and feast your eyes on the architecture. Not to be missed are the medieval King John's Castle, the impressive Hunt Museum, and the beautiful and ancient St Mary's Cathedral. The Treaty Stone is a much-loved local sight, becoming famous on October 3rd, 1691. And if you enjoy food don’t miss the Saturday food stalls at the Milk Market.

If time allows, visit the Adare which boasts beautiful gardens, medieval churches, Tudor-style houses, and lovely, old cottages. Located beside the river Maigue is one of the region's most picturesque and charming towns. You can also visit nearby destinations like the Dingle Peninsula (Wikipedia
	Article), the Aran Islands, Cliffs of Moher, and Galway.

King John's	Castle along the River Shannon -
King John's Castle along the River Shannon - Limerick. Photo by mbell1975


King John's Castle -
King John's Castle - Limerick. Photo by mbell1975

King John's Castle

The King John's Castle, which towers above the River Shannon, is Limerick’s most famous landmark. Constructed in 13th century it has been repaired and rebuilt many times over the years, particularly after being severely damaged in the Siege of Limerick 1642. Discover excavated pre-Norman houses, fortifications, siege mines, and the battlement walks. As you wander through the castle, each room has a different interactive exhibit, providing a fun and interactive way to learn about the history of the castle. There is also a very pleasant café overlooking the River Shannon. But the best views are high up on the actual battlements themselves with wonderful panoramic views of the city. To save a few Euros you can book your tickets online.

Limerick City Museum

The fairly small Limerick City Museum, also known as the Jim Kemmy Municipal Museum, shows life in the area from Prehistoric and Medieval periods, as well as more modern history. The museum was founded in 1906 and occupies a warehouse-style building next to the river. Artifacts on display include relics from the Bronze Age, silver objects, lacework, examples of local printing and various bygone handicrafts. More recent maps and photographs are also on show.

Hunt Museum

The Hunt Museum, housed in the restored 18th-century Custom House, is spread over three small floors. It has a great collection of art and artifacts from around Ireland and the world, most of which were once part of the Hunt family’s private collection. There are artifacts from Greece, Rome, Egypt, and the Olmec civilization. It also houses a wonderful collection of artworks by Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Jack B. Yeats, Pierre Auguste Renoir, and others. But what makes this museum such a treat is that you actually have to hunt for these treasures. You have to peek inside drawers, and open cabinets. You could easily spend half a day exploring around the impressive museum. Guided tours are free.

St Mary's	Cathedral - Limerick
St Mary's Cathedral - Limerick. Photo by mbell1975

St Mary's Cathedral

The St. Mary’s Cathedral is an absolutely stunning stone cathedral, founded in 1168 on the site of an old palace. A stroll around the magnificent interior with thick, rustic stone arches, is a both a walk through time and a history lesson. It contains many interesting features, such as a stone altar, Gothic stained glass windows, medieval floor tiles, and elaborately carved 17th-century choir stalls and marble tombs.

Limerick City Gallery of Art

The Limerick City Gallery of Art, housed in the historic Romanesque Carnegie building, displays an impressive, permanent collection of Irish 18th- to 21st-century art. The Gallery also holds the National Collection of Contemporary Drawing. Adjacent to the gallery is People's Park. Dating from 1877, is the city's main green space.

Food & Drink

The city has a wide selection of restaurants to choose from, offering anything from traditional Irish food to Italian, French, Asian, and other international cuisines. Eating out in Limerick offers delicious foods sourced locally, ranging from fresh seafood to lamb and beef. Of course, these dishes are always to be washed down with a pint of Guinness. Stop off at the Limerick Milk Market to mingle with the locals. The picturesque and lively Milk Market is well worth a visit. Here you'll find everything from delicious farmhouse cheeses and chutneys, fresh fish, organic fruit and vegetables, to fresh ethnic cuisine and baked goods.

Limerick City Ireland -
Limerick City Ireland. Photo by Steve Lappin


Limerick offers everything from modern shopping malls, lovely boutiques, and designer stores through to charming gift shops. The area around O’Connell Street is the main shopping district of the city. For Ireland’s most up-market department store, visit Brown Thomas. Wander down the line alley of Fox’s Bow, and you’ll find a curiously quirky collection of craft, leather and jewelry stores. Among the most popular shopping centers are the Arthur’s Quay in the city center, the Crescent Shopping Center in Dooradoyle and the Parkway Shopping Center on the Dublin Road.

Getting Around

Limerick has a compact city center that's relatively easy to navigate on foot or by bike. There are frequent bus services provided by Bus Eireann to all the city’s suburbs. Taxi services are also available.

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Sparkly Limerick - Limerick
Sparkly Limerick - Photo by Mamluke

Limerick - Limerick
Limerick - Photo by Mamluke


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