Lagoa Misteriosa. Lagoon in Mato Grosso, Brazil

Lagoa Misteriosa

Lagoon in Mato Grosso, Brazil

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Lagoa Misteriosa

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Underwater view of Lagoa Misteriosa (Mysterious Lagoon) in Jardim, Brazil (© Marcio - Lagoa
Underwater view of Lagoa Misteriosa (Mysterious Lagoon) in Jardim, Brazil (© Marcio - Lagoa Misteriosa. Photo by eMRaistlin Uth Majere
The Mysterious Lagoon is located in the municipality of Bonito (in Mato Grosso do Sul (Wikipedia Article)), which is considered the capital city of the Brazilian Ecotourism.
This is a pond of blue water that compels everyone due to the depth and transparency of its waters.
If viewed from above, surrounded by a small forest, it seems to be a normal pond. However, it is located at the bottom of a sinkhole of 23 meter in depth.
From 6 meters deep, the cave is formed by the flow of water from the ground water and is therefore considered one of the deepest flooded caves in Brazil, with more than 67 meter in depth.


In 2005, the Mysterious Lagoon was acquired by the Grupo Rio da Prata (Group River of the Silver), and in the same year began the necessary studies to create a Management Plan which serves to open the environment to visitors while still preserving the place.
The Management Plan of the lagoon was completed in 2009, and it was drafted by a team of 15 researchers after being transferred and subjected to evaluation by the National Center for Research and Conservation of Caves, which approved the Lagoon Management Plan in 2010.
Thus, in 2010 it was established that the environmental licensing would be the responsibility of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, which was a decision of utmost importance for the tourism of Bonito because it allowed the introduction of tourism to the area.
With the Management Plan in hand, the Lagoon returned to work in 2011, after six years of closure.

	Lagoa Misteriosa
Lagoa Misteriosa. Photo by alex

Activities for the Tourists

As a tourist point of the city of Bonito, the Mysterious Lagoon offers different activities for the tourists, among them are:

Trail and Fluctuation

The tour starts with a trail through the forest, surrounding the pond, and the trail ends at the lookout where you can observe the beauty of the local vegetation.
Access to the Lagoon is via a staircase with 179 steps which are quite safe.
When the tourist arrives at the entrance of the attraction, they will receive equipment for fluctuation with a mask, snorkels and a life jacket.
For the visitors who do not wish to participate in the fluctuation, it is possible to stay on the deck and view the landscape.
The fluctuation is amazing! The tourists can view two blue abysses that forms the bottom of the pond, and rocky vertical walls, fallen trunks, deposits of white sand, twigs with golden leaves and small fish that glow in the dark, with all of this making the Mysterious Lagoon a unique environment.
Some visitors say that the feeling of floating on the waters of the lagoon is like flying high in the sky.
This tour will take approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes including the duration for the return trip.

Scuba Diving

Diving activities in Mysterious Lagoon falls into three different categories: The Baptism; for beginners with no experience who want to make their own way down (reaching 2.4 meter deep), The Basic Autonomous; for those who have the Open Water Scuba Diver certificate (maximum depth of 18 meters), and The Advanced Autonomous; for professional divers who have the Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver certificate (with dives up to 8 meter deep). All with the accompaniment of a instructor for every 2 people.
The dive lasts about 30-40 minutes and the minimum age to participate in the activity is 10 years. The only restrictions are for pregnant women and people with heart conditions.

Technical Diving

The Mysterious Lagoon is a perfect place to hold technical diving trips, and this can be confirmed by viewing their aquatic topographic map. On this map one can observe that after reaching 2.4 meter deep, two different wells open up with about 10 meters in diameter each. These wells meet again after 50 meters deep, forming a single well that can reach 220 meters deep.
Technical dives accompanied by an instructor can be made up to 60 meters deep. If the visitor wish to dive deeper than 60 meters they should schedule the dive in advance.

Lagoa Misteriosa - Lagoa Misteriosa
Lagoa Misteriosa - Lagoa Misteriosa. Photo by Cláudio Feijó

How to Get There

The access to the Mysterious Lagoon is on the BR 267 at Km 515, located at the same entrance as the Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata (Ecological Nook River Plate).

Getting into the Pond through:

The City of Bonito

Travel out of town by driving along the MS 178 or MS 382 (will pass in front of the Convention Center), follow the MS 178 for 50 km until arriving at the BR 267, turn left, towards Garden for 2 more miles, enter the route of the Ecological Nook River Plate, below 3 km from the internal road, and the entrance to Mysterious Lagoon will be signposted.

The City of Jardim

Take the BR 267 to Porto Murtinho (Wikipedia
	Article), follow along this path for 36 km, and enter the route of the Ecological Nook River Plate, drive for another 3 km on the internal road, and the entrance to Mysterious Lagoon will be signposted.

The State Capital – Campo Grande

Take the BR 060 to Sidrolândia, undergoing for Nioaque to Guide Lopes. Then take BR 267 to Jardim, follow along this route for 36 km until entering the board for Ecological River of the Silver Nook, drive for another 3 km on the internal road, and the entrance to Mysterious Lagoon will be signposted.

Where to Stay

The Mysterious Lagoon does not offer accommodation for tourists. However, being located in a tourist town there are many hotels and hostels that offer the guests a very pleasant stay.
The most famous are Bonito HI Hostel, Hotel Águas de Bonito; Hotel Cabanas, Pousada das Estrelas, Pousada Chamamé, and Zagaia Resort Hotel.

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Author: Laryssa Balduino. Last updated: Sep 04, 2014

Pictures of Lagoa Misteriosa

Lagoa Misteriosa - Lagoa Misteriosa
Lagoa Misteriosa - Photo by Fernanda de Oliveira Santos

Lagoa Misteriosa
Lagoa Misteriosa.

Lagoa misteriosa - Lagoa Misteriosa
Lagoa misteriosa - Photo by YUAN YI PU


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