Koko Head. Volcano in Oahu, Hawaii

Koko Head

Volcano in Oahu, Hawaii

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Koko Head

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Koko Head is a volcanic tuff in the area of Hawaii Kai (Wikipedia Article), which is the elevated head of Maunalua Bay. Reportedly, it had last erupted around 10-thousand years ago. Koko Head had been used for military bunkers during the Second World War.

The Hiking Trail

The trail that people use to hike up today were the stairs or railroad ties that the World War II soldiers used for transporting military personnel and supplies up and down the summit. A climber has to take about a thousand plus stairs to reach the summit. The path is steep and could be risky for unfit and careless hikers.

The Koko Head is about 366 meter above the grounds of Hawaii Kai. When reached, it gives a rewarding view of the town, Maunalua Bay, and Hanauma Bay (Wikipedia Article).

Going down is more challenging than going up to the top. Many hikers find it hard to descend down the steep railroad ties. Taking the trail at daylight is more advisable than doing it at nighttime or dawn.

How to Get Here

The trail head is accessible from the Hawaii Kai road leading to Hanauma Bay. Since the path towards the trail head is by inclining part of the highway, it is recommended that one gets off from their car or bus by the shopping center or in Maunalua Bay.

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