Kawasan Falls. Waterfall in Cebu, Philippines

Kawasan Falls

Waterfall in Cebu, Philippines

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Kawasan Falls

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Kawasan Adventure - Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Adventure - Kawasan Falls. Photo by Marion Paul Baylado
Kawasan Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Cebu and is located in Barangay Matutinao, Badian at the southwest part of the province. It is also just an hour away from Moalboal, which makes it an ideal nature side-trip after a day at the beach. Kawasan has two main waterfalls that are both deep enough for swimming. The first set of falls has a height of over 40 meters, while the second set has a wider area with a height of 20 meters. There is a small third falls a few kilometers away from the second one but is rarely frequented by tourists.

The water from the Kawasan Falls comes from the Kabukalan Spring and passes through the Matutinao River and Tanon Strait (Wikipedia
	Article). The Kawasan Falls is managed by the local government, they work hand-in-hand with the locals to make sure that waterfalls is regularly maintained and well-preserved.


The entrance fee to Kawasan Falls is only ₱40 ($0.88). The first waterfalls has a wider swimming area and deep catch basin. The refreshing cold water of the Kawasan Falls have been deemed therapeutic to some locals and elders. If you decided to take a dip in the pool, life jackets can be rented for ₱50 ($1.10) per person.

Bamboo rafts are available for only ₱300 ($6.60). These rafts can take you to the base of the waterfalls where one can have a relaxing “shower massage.” The pressure from the water is quite strong thus creating a soothing feeling to the back muscles. The raft can hold 15 to 20 people at a time.
Renting a cottage and a picnic table costs around ₱500 ($11), while tourists who want to stay over for the night can rent overnight cottages ranging from ₱800 ($18) to ₱2,000 ($44).

	Kawasan Falls
Bamboo rafts at Kawasan Falls. . Photo by Kenneth Gaerlan

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering Adventure

Kawasan Adventure - Kawasan
Kawasan Adventure - Kawasan Falls. Photo by Marion Paul Baylado
For the adventurous people and daredevils, they can avail of the Kawasan Falls Canyoneering Adventure for only ₱2,500 ($55). Canyoneering is an extreme sport that involves hiking, scrambling, and climbing. In order to traverse the canyons of Matutinao, tourists must trek to Kanlaob River, experience heart-pumping rappelling, and bouldering. For the ultimate adrenaline rush, part of the adventure is jumping off a 9 meter waterfall. Just ask the resort management for more information.


Most people who visit the waterfalls pack their own lunch and snacks. For tourists who can’t bring their own food, there is a restaurant at the main area of Kawasan Falls. The restaurant serves short orders and refreshments, the food could be a little bit pricey compared to others; that’s why most visitors opt to bring their own food instead. You can also get a variety of snacks and beverages from vendors and local stores.

Getting There

Kawasan falls..Badian
	cebu - Kawasan Falls
Kawasan falls..Badian cebu - Kawasan Falls. Photo by canencia
Kawasan Falls is 130 kilometers southwest of Cebu City. Tourists who wants to visit this magnificent nature landmark can take a 3-hour bus ride to Badian or conveniently book a Kawasan Falls Day Tour from one of the travel agencies in the city. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get there.

Starting Point (from any part in Cebu City or your hotel)

  • Get a taxi or any public transportation that can take you to Cebu South Bus Terminal (a few blocks from E-Mall and Colon)
  • At the Cebu South Bus Terminal, you can then take a bus ride to Badian which usually costs around ₱120 ($2.64). Travel time is about 2-3 hours depending on traffic and the speed of the bus.
  • Inform the driver or bus conductor to drop you off at the Matutinao Church* in Badian.
  • Upon arriving at the church, a flock of local tour guides will offer you help in reaching the waterfalls (the scenic forest trail is very easy to follow so hiring the services of these guides are unnecessary). The trek uphill is about 15 minutes, once you reached the first main waterfalls, you can continue to the second one by following the same trail for another 15 minutes.

Travel Tips

  • Try one of the local delicacies on your way to Kawasan Falls. The Carcar Chicharon and the Shamrock Otap are both very popular among Cebuanos.
  • If you are bringing a lot of things to the first waterfalls, you can hire one of the locals to help you carry them for around ₱100 ($2.20) (the price varies depending on the person) – Avoid paying them upfront and only pay them after you are settled in the main area.
  • The nature forest trail to the first main waterfalls is an uphill trek about 1.5 kilometers long. Be sure to pack lots of fluids.
  • During the evening, there are no lamp posts on the trail back to the Matutinao Church so it is advisable to also pack a flashlight when you visit.
  • Aside from the gift shop, there are several vendors and stalls that sells very affordable printed t-shirts, beaded necklaces, and other Kawasan Falls souvenirs in the area.

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Pictures of Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Adventure - Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Adventure - Kawasan Falls. Photo by Marion Paul Baylado


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