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	da Concha - Itacaré
Praia da Concha - Itacaré. Photo by Guia da Bahia
Itacaré is a county in the state of Bahia in Brazil. Its estimated population in 2013 was 26,753 inhabitants.


Itacaré has a charming landscape, formed by a string of beaches, where nature is still largely untouched by man, with hills covered with forests and coconut trees. It is the first beach of “Cocoa Coast”, the coast of Bahia, south of Salvador.

Situated between the sea and the Atlantic Forest (Wikipedia Article), Itacaré is the ideal option for those who enjoy the beach combined with the nightlife with a good deal of excitement, as there are always concerts and parties, in addition to bars and nightclubs that run throughout the year.

The beaches of Itacaré attract many surfers, due to the strong waves, considered the best of Bahia, and hot water all year round, even in winter.
Itacaré is also a great destination for ecotourism enthusiasts and extreme sports. There is an Environmental Preservation Area, where you can enjoy rafting, mountain bike, tree climbing, hiking and rappelling - or simply enjoy the exuberance of the Atlantic Forest with its rivers and waterfalls.

Itacaré. Photo by Ana Xavier

Itacaré -
Itacaré - Itacaré. Photo by Otávio Nogueira
There are 14 main beaches in Itacaré, each with very specific characteristics. The beaches near the city have good tourist infrastructure, with restaurants and inns. And the more distant beaches are uncrowded, and accessible only by trails.

The village of Itacaré was the old cocoa colonels of refuge and today retains the architecture of the past. Many houses have been renovated and now house restaurants, bars, cafés, nightclubs, and shops.

The cozy village seems to be in a permanent party mood. The bars of the Center and of Pituba (Wikipedia Article) city are the meeting points in Itacaré. The festivities take place on the sands until daybreak, especially at the rhythm of forró and reggae.

The sunset in Itacaré is spectacular. The best place to enjoy it is the Xaréu Tip in the left corner of the Concha Beach, where the colorful fishing boats blends with the image of the sun dipping into the sea. After the fall of the sun, another attraction of the site are capoeira circles controlled by the natives.

Itacaré has a tropical climate with temperatures ranging between 77 °F and 86 °F, but during the summer (December to February) can reach 104 °F. The sun shines all year and the rains are more frequent in winter (May to August).

Praia da Tiririca - Itacaré
Praia da Tiririca - Itacaré. Photo by Turismo Bahia

Main Beaches

Concha Beach

Concha Beach - Itacaré
Concha Beach - Itacaré. Photo by Turismo Bahia
This is the beach of Itacaré with the largest tourist infrastructure, full of stalls and inns. Located near the city center, it is the busiest during the summer. It has calm waters, no waves, and coconut trees. It is ideal for tourists who want to relax and enjoy a good beach without giving up the bustle of a city.

Coroinha Beach

Port of several vessels, this beach is located in the center of Itacaré, with dark sand and waters not recommended for swimming. At night it is very busy with numerous bars, capoeira presentations, and live sound.

This is the ideal option for those who prefer to stay in the sand and enjoy one lual during the nights, because the water is not recommended for swimming.

Resende Beach

Located at 1km from the center of Itacaré, is a small cove with rock pools, good waves for surfing, huge palm trees, and white sand. Accessible by a small trail leaving the main street is a visual protection area, no construction is not allowed. This is one of the quietest beaches of Itacaré, ideal for those who love to catch a wave.


Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, is between two hills covered by woods and has a vast coconut grove along the sand. Very popular with surfers as it offers good waves. Does not have tourist infrastructure and access is via a trail of 40 minute walk through the rainforest, past waterfalls and streams. Thus, it is recommended to trek the route accompanied by a local guide.

Itacarezinho Beach

With a length of 2.2 miles this beach has hills, palm trees, and reefs. Has great waves for surfing and has stalls, restaurants and inns, excellent for tourists who visit the city. Itacarezinho is a dumping ground for sea turtles and the northern part there is a cascade of fresh water that descends from the forest and falls directly on the sand. The trail leading to the beach goes through a private property, but the traffic is free for pedestrians.

Cachoeira em Serra Grande (Waterfall in Big
	Mountains) - Itacaré
Cachoeira em Serra Grande (Waterfall in Big Mountains) - Itacaré. Photo by Cid Edson Póvoas

Activities for the Tourists

City Tour

Itacaré - a cidade -
Itacaré - a cidade - Itacaré. Photo by
How about making a city tour and learn of its history? The tour passes through one of the main historical monuments of Itacaré - the Mother Church (built in 1723), where during the period of colonization, the indigenous people who lived here (Guerens and brazilian) constantly attacked the Jesuits. So that the priests decided to build a tunnel linking the Church and the House of Jesuits, where fleeing persecution. Stories, legends, time architectures, you will be able to enjoy making a city tour with expert guides.

What to bring: Comfortable clothes, shoes and sunscreen.

Check-out: 09h until 13h; Price: 30 BRL.

Tour of Marau Peninsula

This tour is done over a Land Rover 4x4 that runs all along the coast of the Marau Peninsula. The new paradise of Bahia booking several surprises: trails, viewpoints, lakes, and the famous natural pools of the Taipús de Fora beach. The first stop is the known Cellular Hill. It is certainly the best vantage point of Marau Peninsula. Access is by the beach of the Cassange (the Atlantic Ocean) where tourists can get a nice view of the sea.

The second stop is the Taipús de Fora beach which is one of the most beautiful natural pools in the region. There can be seen reefs, corals and a variety of fish. This beach also offers great lunch options. The stay in this beach lasts approximately four hours.

Output: 7:15h until 17h; Cost: 80 BRL.

Tour Through Waterfalls

Tijuípe Waterfall - Itacaré
Tijuípe Waterfall - Itacaré. Photo by Marina Almeida
Nearby Itacaré there are several waterfalls of clear water amidst the vegetation of rare beauty and great ecological importance. The tour of the waterfalls departs at 09:00 AM and goes through the main waterfalls: Tijuípe Waterfall, Waterfall Bom Sossego, Waterfall Usina Velha, Waterfall Pancada Grande, and Usina Waterfall, returning to the center by 6:00 PM. The tour costs an average of 40 BRL.

Dive Baptism

The baptism is done in Taipús de Fora beach which is about an hour and a half from the center of Itacaré, the transportation is made by 4x4 Land Rover.

Taipús de Fora is in the third place with greater diversity of maritime Brazil.

The dive has a duration of 1 hour, and you can see a huge variety of fish, lobsters and turtles. The depth varies between 20-26 feet and the output to the diving is done in the natural pools and sand, not using any type of vessel.


	- Itacaré
Rafting - Itacaré. Photo by EcoFotos Adilson Moralez
The Itacare rafting has been highly sought by tourists who likes fun and action. It is in Taboquinhas district - a city lost in time to 50 minutes of Itacaré, about 30km - it all happens. The place became known as the district of adventure due to the great rapids of the Rio de Contas which is considered one of the best rivers in Brazil for the practice of rafting.


It's an adrenaline-only fly, now imagine flying with one of the most beautiful views of Brazil, the Pé de Serra Grande beach, the perfect setting to practice paragliding. It is one of the most popular tours and it has an average duration of 15 minutes, you take off the observation deck of the Pé de Serra Grande beach which is one of the main postal cards of Bahia.

Jubarte Whale Watching

Every year the Jubarte whales leave the icy waters near the Antarctic continent in search of warmer and calm water, which are in the northeastern Brazilian coast. The local residents joke and say that these whales are Bahian, after all, they are not only born in Bahia, they are also conceived here.

When the Jubarte whales are in the Bahian coast, you can approach them - following a series of care - and observe some of their habits. It is common to find mother with her cub in shallow waters, relatively close to the coast.

From August and September and by the beginning of October, the whale watching tour in Itacaré is possible and costs only 120 BRL.

How to Get There

There are different ways to arrive in Itacaré, among them are:
  • By plane - The nearest airport to Itacaré is Ilhéus, there are 65km, served with daily flights from major airlines, from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte (Wikipedia Article) and Salvador.
  • By car - From the North or South, access by the BR-101 (to Itabuna) then the BR-415 (to Ilhéus) and BA-001 (Highway Ilheus-Itacare).
  • By bus - Several companies make the journey to Ilhéus, and you can then take a bus to Itacaré, a route operated by a local company.


As a tourist town, Itacaré has several lodging options for different types of tourists, from large hotels to camp you can find everything. Among the options are: Rio das Contas Pousadas, Vila Barracuda Boutique Hotel, Pousada Sítio Paraíso, O Pharol Hostel, Pousada Navio Albergue e Camping and Pousada Pico das Praias.

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Pictures of Itacaré

Praia Pé da Serra Grande - Itacaré
Praia Pé da Serra Grande - Itacaré. Photo by LBRTRIPS

itacaré - Itacaré
itacaré - Photo by Mathieu Bertrand Struck


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