Ilha do Mel. Island in Paraná, Brazil

Ilha do Mel

Island in Paraná, Brazil

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Ilha do Mel

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The Ilha do Mel (Island of Honey) is a Brazilian island located at the mouth of the Bay of Paranaguá, in Paraná state.
The place has 40 kilometers of beaches which may please all tourists of various tastes. Some are practically deserted, others are quite hectic, even at night, and others are great for surfing.
To prevent the degradation of the island, propelled and horse-drawn vehicles are not allowed, and the number of visitors is restricted and may not exceed 5,000 people per day.

The Island of Honey is a tourist point of much importance in the state of Paraná, and many people consider that the island has the best beaches in the state. As part of the municipality of Paranaguá, the island is administered by the Environmental Institute of Paraná (IAP) and has a strict management program.

Main Sights

Among the main sights of the Island are:

Farol das Conchas (Lighthouse of Shells)

The lighthouse was ordered to be built in 1870 by the Baron of Cotegipe (Wikipedia Article), during the reign of Emperor Dom Pedro II.
The lighthouse is made of cast iron, has a height of 18 meters, came from Glasgow, Scotland, and guides the navigators through their blinks since April 1 of 1872.
Located on the Hill of Shells, the lighthouse can be seen from almost every point on the Island of Honey, in the same way from up there, it is possible to see almost all of the island and its region.
A ladder with almost 140 steps leads to the top of the hill, which can be done by tourists who seek a beautiful view of the island.

Fortaleza Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres (Fortress Our Lady of Pleasures)

This is the only 18th-century military monument in Paraná, installed in the buttresses of the Hill of the Whale, and erected with walls of 1½ meters' thickness, the fortress was completed on April 23 of 1769.

On the Hill of the Whale, near the fortress, are cannons and trenches of stones called “Labyrinth of Cannons”. There is also a lookout with an amazing panoramic view.
For those who wish to explore the island, it is only possible to get there by travelling along a trail on the hill.

Gruta das Encantadas (Cave of Charmed)

The Cave of Charmed is located in the southern part of the island and is one of the most important natural heritage of the Island of Honey.
In the middle of the cave, there is a black rock that cuts the migmatite, and it is a diabase dike. The cave was formed by the action of the sea on the diabase, which is less resistant than the migmatite.
To facilitate access for the tourists, a walkway leading to its entrance was built.

Passa – Passa (Pass – Pass)

Located in Nova Brasilia, the Pass Pass or Isthmus, is the narrowest part of the Island of Honey and has undergone a process of erosion since 1930, but currently, the water no longer crosses over from one side to the other as it had happened in 1995.
The width of the crossing today reaches 30 meters and the water only reaches the crossing during high tidal waves.

Activities for the Tourists

Among the numerous activities which the tourists can participate in, we have:

Praia do Miguel (Miguel Beach)

Deserted, wild, and with strong waves all year-round, the beach has great cliffs covered by almost untouched vegetation which surround the two sides of the beach. In order to access the beach, one must travel on foot from the wharf of Charmed via a flat and well-marked trail (during about 40 minutes). After climbing the
Hill of Soap, the view is incredible.

Praia Grande (Big Beach)

The beach is surrounded by hills, without any buildings on the waterfront - only preserved vegetation. It is one of the beaches most preferred by surfers, and the
Grajagan Surf Resort, which is very close to the sand, rents surfboards for beginners.
In order to access the beach, one must travel on foot (25 minutes) from the town of Nova Brasilia.

Praia da Fortaleza (Beach of the Fortress)

This is the largest and most quiet beach on the island, about 4 km long, and houses the
Fortress of Our Lady of Pleasures* and various kiosks and restaurants of the nearby inns.
In order to access the beach, one must travel along a flat trail parallel to the waterfront which offers a beautiful view (lasting about 40 minutes), or by boat (10 minutes) from the town of Nova Brasilia.

Bike Ride

For those who love cycling, there is a great option to rent a bike on the island. This can be a quick and practical solution to explore the island's beaches.
There is a shop 400 meters from the wharf of Nova Brasilia, and another in the Lighthouse Beach, situated 1 km from the wharf of Nova Brasilia.

How to Get There

It is only possible to reach the island by boats and ships, which has a large fleet with several daily sailings. It is also possible to reach the city of Paranaguá by plane, car, and even by train.


There is a large choice of hotels and lodges available for accommodation on the island, among them are: Grajagan Surf Resort, Caraguatá; Pousada Fim da Trilha, Pousada Estrela do Mar; Hotel Treze Luas, Pousada Enseada das Conchas; and Ephira Pousada.

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Author: Laryssa Balduino. Last updated: Jan 31, 2015

Pictures of Ilha do Mel

Praia da Fortaleza - Ilha do Mel
Praia da Fortaleza - Ilha do Mel. Photo by K 2

Farol das Conchas - Ilha do Mel
Farol das Conchas - Ilha do Mel. Photo by Treze Luas

Fortaleza Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres - Ilha do Mel
Fortaleza Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres - Ilha do Mel. Photo by Treze Luas

Ilha do Mel - Praia de Fora - Ilha do Mel
Ilha do Mel - Praia de Fora - Photo by MAndrade


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