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Island in Spain, Europe

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	de Sa Caléta - Ibiza
IBIZA-Playa de Sa Caléta - Ibiza. Photo by ERAL
Although the name that is popular (and the Spanish pronunciation) with the island of Spain is Ibiza, the official name is actually Eivissa. This word comes from the Catalan language that is used in parts of Spain and France. The name is pronounced roughly the same way in English, but residents of the United Kingdom or United States may say it a bit differently. It is actually not a large island at all, either. It is about halfway in between Spain and the much larger island of Majorca.


The island of Ibiza was actually discovered over 2,500 years ago by Phoenician settlers. The name has changed several times as it has been established as territory for different countries. This includes the Romans, who once referred to Ibiza as Ebusus. Battles have been waged on Ibiza on numerous occasions. As a stopping point between Spain and Majorca, Ibiza became a major trading spot. There were no other stops in between, so it made for a great industry of trade and temporary housing. This was until around 200 B.C., when the island fell under attack in the second of the Punic Wars (Wikipedia Article). During this period, Ibiza was a part of Carthage, and was a point where their soldiers could retreat to resupply for battle. It wasn't until The 197's where Ibiza's autonomy was restored after being self-governed for over 200 years.

Ibiza 2014 -
Ibiza 2014. Photo by Mick_Gallagher_1959


Ibiza has an estimated total population of just over 130,000 people, and is split into five different territories known as municipalities. The most notable of these is Vila d'Eivissa which boasts nearly 50,000 residents, while the smallest of the municipalities is Sant Joan de Labritja (Wikipedia Article) with just over 5,000. There is a strong mix of culture in Ibiza that has been established over the past decade. Instead of primarily being Spanish people, it has since blended with residents of other European countries that liked Ibiza so much, they decided to call it home. The main reason for this is the weather. Throughout the year, the high temperatures are expected to be around 22 °C, while the low drops down to a comfortable 14 °C . There is very little precipitation as the sun is constantly shining on the beautiful beaches.


One of the main draws of Ibiza is the nightlife. Although the same could not be said about Ibiza hundreds of years ago, modern culture has taken off on this island. Nightclubs and parties on the beach are two of the most popular pastimes for visitors and residents alike. There are plenty of high-end hotels now, and the culture has grown considerably over the past five years.


It wouldn't be much of an island without beautiful beaches, and Ibiza is no exception. There are many different locations and the entire island is surrounded by crystal clear water. Some of the most popular locations are Sant Antoni Bay, Cala d'Hort, and the Platja d'en Bossa. Many will come from all over just to watch the sunset off the coast of Ibiza.

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  • Palmda de Mallorca, the major island off the coast of Spain, east of Ibiza.
  • Valencia, the nearest town in Spain to Ibiza to the West of the Island.

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    Pictures of Ibiza

    Ibiza Town, Ibiza - Spain - Ibiza
    Ibiza Town, Ibiza - Spain - Photo by Ismail Mia

    Ibiza Evening - Ibiza
    Ibiza Evening - Photo by Aldas Kirvaitis

    Ibiza Town - Ibiza
    Ibiza Town - Photo by cgt

    Cala Comte, Ibiza - Ibiza
    Cala Comte, Ibiza - Photo by Bas Boerman

    Ibiza 2014 - Ibiza
    Ibiza 2014 - Photo by Mick_Gallagher_1959

    Ibiza 2014 - Ibiza
    Ibiza 2014 - Photo by Mick_Gallagher_1959

    Ibiza 2014 - Ibiza
    Ibiza 2014 - Photo by Mick_Gallagher_1959

    Ibiza 2014 - Ibiza
    Ibiza 2014 - Photo by Mick_Gallagher_1959

    Hotel Room View Ibiza - Ibiza
    Hotel Room View Ibiza - Photo by Joseph Younis

    Ibiza. Photo by Mick_Gallagher_1959

    Ibiza 2014 - Ibiza
    Ibiza 2014 - Photo by Mick_Gallagher_1959

    Torre des Savinar, Ibiza - Ibiza
    Torre des Savinar, Ibiza - Photo by Giovanni Tabbò

    120526_Ushuaia_Opening_BR_001 - Ibiza
    120526_Ushuaia_Opening_BR_001 - Ibiza. Photo by Roberto Castaño

    120526_Ushuaia_Opening_BR_008 - Ibiza
    120526_Ushuaia_Opening_BR_008 - Ibiza. Photo by Roberto Castaño


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