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Itsukushima: Floating Torii 厳島神社 - Hiroshima
Itsukushima: Floating Torii 厳島神社 - Hiroshima. Photo by jpellgen
Hiroshima is located in western Japan on the island of Honshu (Wikipedia Article). It is best known as being one of two cities in Japan to have atomic bombs dropped on it. The city has been the center of trade and culture since the beginning of recorded history in Japan. It is also home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites - the Atomic Dome and Itsukushima Shrine (Wikipedia Article) on Miyajima island.

Hiroshima Memorial Park - Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
Hiroshima Memorial Park - Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Photo by Raúl. Thanks for + 1.000.000 Views

Things to Do

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is located in the center of the city and stands as a monument to those who suffered and perished in the nuclear attack during World War II. The park begins at the Atomic Dome, a domed structure which stands as it did in the aftermath of the atomic bombing. It is the only building that remained closest to the epicenter of the bomb drop. There is a separate plaque at the approximate location that the bomb dropped, only a few blocks away from the Dome. The Children's Peace Monument is located a bit further into the park and is often decorated with thousands of paper cranes. It is dedicated to the memorial of a girl who believed that if she folded a thousand paper cranes she would be cured of the radiation poisoning she suffered, and later died from.

In the center of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is the Peace Flame, an eternal flame to remember those who perished as a result of the bombing, and the Memorial Cenotaph, which includes a water feature, that contains the names of all the people killed by the bomb. At the end of the park, opposite the A-Bomb Dome, is the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. This museum is not for the faint of heart or stomach. It details the events leading up to and after the atomic bomb, including graphic images, recreations of the destruction, and artifacts from the people who perished there. During Golden Week (Wikipedia Article), a national holiday in Japan during the first week of May, the Hiroshima Flower Festival takes place in the park. The festival has performers, multiple shows, and displays of amazing flower sculptures.

Miyajima island, officially named Itsukushima island, is located just off the coast of Hiroshima and is accessible by ferry from the main ferry terminal near JR Hiroshima station. The island is most famous for the giant floating torii gate, Itsukushima Shrine, which stands out on the beach of the island. When high tide comes in, the gate appears to be floating in the middle of the ocean. There are lots of shops on the island, food stalls, and the opportunity to either hike, or pay for a tram ride, to the top of the island for panoramic views of the area.

Those wishing to experience cuisine which can only be found in Hiroshima should seek out restaurants serving Okonomeyaki. The style of Okonomeyaki in Hiroshima differs from that found in Osaka. Instead of the ingredients being mixed together to form a solid pancake-like piece of food, Hiroshima-style layers each ingredient and includes noodles at the bottom of the dish.


Visitors can access Hiroshima by plane via Hiroshima Airport or by train via JR Hiroshima Station.

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Pictures of Hiroshima

rainbow bridge in Shukkeien - Hiroshima
rainbow bridge in Shukkeien - Hiroshima. Photo by Vernon Fowler

Hiroshima. Photo by lydigann

Hiroshima #5 - Hiroshima
Hiroshima #5 - Photo by Guwashi999

A-Bomb Dome from T Bridge 原爆ドーム - Hiroshima
A-Bomb Dome from T Bridge 原爆ドーム - Hiroshima. Photo by See Tatt Yeo

Hiroshima - Hiroshima
Hiroshima - Photo by Ronald Woan

Hiroshima City - Hiroshima
Hiroshima City - Photo by Freedom II Andres

Shinkansen - Hiroshima
Shinkansen - Hiroshima. Photo by Thilo Hilberer


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