Halona Blowhole. Rock Formation in Oahu, Hawaii

Halona Blowhole

Rock Formation in Oahu, Hawaii

Halona Crashing Photo © Justin Sloan

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Halona Blowhole

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Halona Blowhole - Halona Blowhole
Halona Blowhole - Halona Blowhole. Photo by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner
The Halona Blowhole is more possibly a scenic lookout bay rather than a place for swimming and other water activities. Tourists and locals alike come to the blowhole for a scenic view. In the winter season, it is possible to see Humpback Whales swim by as they leave the North Pacific. Honu or Green Sea Turtles, which are endangered species, can be seen from here as well.

On most days, when the tide is high and the waves are strong, the waves hit the rock formations and sprays up like a geyser. Because of the rock formations, strength of waves and height of tide, swimming here poses a threat. Some people dive here but only when the winds are light and there is not so much waves.


Halona in the Hawaiian language means “lookout”.


The Halona Blowhole was formed when the Koko crater’s lava flowed into the ocean to the Halona Point. That was when the volcano was still active, which was thousands of years ago. The lava that melted during the eruptions formed the rock formations of the Halona Blowhole.

 - Halona
Halona Blowhole. Photo by Pete Arvanitis

Halona Cove

Halona Cove  -
	Halona Blowhole
Halona Cove - Halona Blowhole. Photo by Kok Chih & Sarah Gan
There is a small pit of sand beside the Halona Blowhole. It is called the ‘Halona Cove’. It is only from here that tourists and locals alike can enjoy Halona at all. They, however, still have to wait for calm waves to safely swim the beach, otherwise it could be very dangerous especially when lifeguards are not present here, and the way to the beach is quite risky. One has to go through the cliff to get to the beach.

Things to Do

Typically, people would expect or want to swim and surf here. However, because of the rock formations, high tide, and strong currents, the best thing to do in Halona Blowhole, is to observe the beautiful scenery. Just have a picnic or enjoy some short meditation, or observing nature for a while.


Halona Blowhole is extremely dangerous. The blowhole itself, which sprouts water up like a geyser, can either suck people in or throw people into mid-air only to crash back to the rocks. Many incidents have occurred where people get severely injured while some unfortunately did not get out alive at all. An 18-year-old on family vacation had once been thrown up into the air, gone missing, and then found the next day lifeless. There were four other people who really came close to the blowhole that got sucked in.

The dangers of the blowhole comes from the strong currents in this part of the ocean which is called the Molokai (Wikipedia Article) Express, mostly because the currents bring people to Molokai. Also the rock formations can be very fatal when one hits it with the rough waves.

land and sea
	- Halona Blowhole
land and sea - Halona Blowhole. Photo by justinls

Media Depiction

 - Halona
Halona Blowhole. Photo by Pete Arvanitis
The Halona Blowhole and beach however was shown in a few films like from the film, From Here to Eternity, 50 First Dates, and in Nicki Minaj’s music video of Starships.

How to Get Here

From Waikiki, one can drive up to the Halona Blowhole in just a few minutes. It is by the Kalanianole Highway which is north of Hanauma Bay. Remember that Halona Blowhole is worth the stop for its scenic view of the coastline and the smaller islands but it is not meant to be went down to or swam.

Similar Attractions

It could be quite frustrating to see such a beautiful view and ocean and not being able to test the waters. There are however many other bays, picturesque lookouts, and beaches in Hawaii that are way safer then the Halona Blowhole.

You can go instead to Hanauma Bay, Kahana Bay (Wikipedia Article), Kaneohe Bay, Maunalua Bay, Turtle Bay, or Waimea Bay.

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Pictures of Halona Blowhole

_2003-05-25 Halona Blowhole, Harley Day, HI 017 - Halona Blowhole
_2003-05-25 Halona Blowhole, Harley Day, HI 017 - Photo by James Sullivan

Oahu 10 Halona Blowhole - Halona Blowhole
Oahu 10 Halona Blowhole - Photo by OldHonu

Halona Cove Oahu, Hawaii - Halona Blowhole
Halona Cove Oahu, Hawaii - Halona Blowhole. Photo by Edmund Garman


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