Estancia Mimosa. Natural Reserve in Mato Grosso, Brazil

Estancia Mimosa

Natural Reserve in Mato Grosso, Brazil

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Estancia Mimosa

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Cachoeira do Mutum - Estancia Mimosa
Cachoeira do Mutum - Estancia Mimosa. Photo by LNarimatsu
The Mimosa Resort is a private farm of 400 hectares, located in BonitoMato Grosso. Besides the creation of cattle, which is the main activity in the region, the place also offers great activities for nature lovers. Among them stands out the ecotourism, done through trail rides and waterfalls with swimming in natural pools, horseback riding and bird watching, there is also a visit to the mini-museum, to the organic garden and the hill of Santa. After the ride, the farm offers the visitors a snack and a lunch with typical sweets prepared in the wood stove, it is impossible not to love the Mimosa Resort.


The Mimosa Resort was only used for cattle ranching. Until April 1998, it was acquired by the current owner with the main objective to develop tourist activities on site.
Since then began the development of structures to increase tourism and the deployment of a script of visitation, which had its first phase completed in June of 1999. And only in March of 2000 was all of the adjustments completed and the resort was open to the public.

Currently, the main local activity is the ecotourism which includes an unforgettable ride with three basic pillars: quality of services, security for the tourists, and environmental preservation.
So the tourists do not need to worry about anything else, except enjoy the unforgettable tour.

Activities for the tourists

The Mimosa Resort offers several types of activities for the tourists, among them are:
 - Estancia
Estancia Mimosa. Photo by Daniel de Granville

Trail and Waterfalls

This tour consists of an interpretive trail through the woods of Rio Formoso (Wikipedia Article), with stops for a dip in the natural pools and the waterfalls.
This is the main tour offered by the Mimosa Resort and is a true ecotourism experience.
Along the way, made partly on suspended walkways, the visitors can indulge themselves in the waters of eight different waterfalls, some small caves, lookout points overlooking the Serra da Bodoquena (Bodoquena (Wikipedia Article) Mountain Range), a stretch of boat rowing and also a platform to jump, which is 6 feet tall, making the ride even more exciting.
The tour can be done with groups of up to 12 people with an expert guide and can be adapted in accordance to the age of the group.
The tour of trails and waterfalls has an average duration of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Horse Riding

As a typical farm in Mato Grosso do Sul, the Mimosa Resort could not miss, for the visitors, a horseback ride through the woods and mountains in the region, with privileged views for the adventurous.
The tour has an average duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes and is carried out with groups of up to 6 people with a specialized guide who, during the route, tells of the history of the place.
The horseback ride is best suited for people looking for greater contact with nature and with the history of the area itself.

Bird Watching

For the admirers of birds, the resort also has a special tour for you, focused on observation and photography of birds.
With over 200 recorded species, the farm is a strategic location for this activity, being located in a region of great environmental diversity within the Cerrado Bioma (Wikipedia
The observation tour is done with the guidance of a bilingual guide that identifies and characterizes some species for the tourists.
Saí-andorinha, Gralha Cancã, Juruviara and Coleirinho are some of the species that can be sighted at the Mimosa Resort.

Tour of Environmental Studies

This tour was specifically created to meet the groups of schools, which offers a program which covers ecotourism as a tool for environmental education and some notions of biological conservation.
It is an opportunity to see, in the practice, what has been learned in the field of biology, geography, geology, and ecology, in a different and fun way.
Within the program, the farm also offers to the students the opportunity to plant some species, a very pleasurable activity.

How to Get There

The Mimosa Resort is located on the highway MS - 178, at 201 miles from Campo Grande (Wikipedia
	Article) - the capital of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.
There are several transport companies that make the stretch of Campo Grande Airport to the city of Bonito daily.
There are also many buses, taxis, and motorcycle taxis that offer services for the tourists' displacement.


The Mimosa Resort is a tourist attraction which does not offer lodging. However, there are many hotels, inns, and hostels in the cities of Bonito and Jardin that offers this service for the tourists in the region. Some of these hotels include Hotel Marruá, Hotel Santa Esmeralda; Hotel Refúgio, Pousada Gira Sol; Pousada Remando, and Pousada do Peralta.

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Pictures of Estancia Mimosa

Estância Mimosa 057 - Estancia Mimosa
Estância Mimosa 057 - Estancia Mimosa. Photo by Flavio Pereira


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