Epol Falls. Waterfall in Philippines, Asia

Epol Falls

Waterfall in Philippines, Asia

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Epol Falls

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	Valley Falls - Epol Falls
Green Valley Falls - Epol Falls. Photo by Rawen Balmaña
One of the natural wonders of the mountainous area of Davao is Epol Falls, formerly known as the ‘Green Valley Falls’. The name of the waterfalls, ‘EPOL’, is an acronym which stands for “Everlasting Power of Love”. The waterfalls is situated in Barangay Baganihan, along the mountains of Marilog District, Davao, in Mindanao.


According to a legend told by a Matigsalug (Wikipedia Article) tribe ancestor, the falls was a hidden meet-up place of two people engaged in forbidden love. The girl’s father found out about their secret affair and took her away. The girl was never heard from again. Since then, the boy who missed his lover dearly visited the waterfalls every day, hoping for her return.

Years passed and the boy became an old man, because of true love, he still relentlessly visited the waterfalls every day. One day, he noticed an old maid sitting beside the falls. It was his long lost love. They were both reunited through the everlasting power of their love.

The legend was then passed down from one tribe ancestor to another. Eventually, tourists were told of this story and were inspired by their fate. The waterfalls’ name was then changed from Green Valley to its name today.


Visiting the Everlasting Power of Love Waterfalls can be a great experience for tourists who want to commune with nature. Since the falls is situated in a mountainous area, the first thing you’ll appreciate when you get off the bus is Marilog’s cold climate and foggy surroundings (be sure to wear a sweater or jacket). At the drop-off area of Epol Falls, an entrance fee of ₱20 ($0.44) will be collected at the first house near the downhill trail. The falls is operated and owned by the local government, but the locals go hand-in-hand in maintaining and preserving the natural beauty of the place.

The Epol Falls is stunning in its own way even though it lacks in size. The water from the peak of the single tier falls cascades gently to its catch basin, surrounded by a lush tropical forest. The tempting, fresh water gushing from the falls can be freezing cold (especially between the months of November to January), so if you’re not up for it, you can always enjoy the wonderful scenery and natural ambiance instead.

Adventure seekers can also spend the night at Epol Falls. There is base camp in the main area where they can set up their tents. For those who forgot to bring their camping gear, there are also several cottages for rent. Tourists are also advised by locals to spend the night in the main area, in order for them to truly experience the natural beauty of Epol Falls and its alluring verdant forest. Those who visit the attraction during the late afternoon are also highly discourage to trek the forest trail at night (since there are no lamp posts). Asides from the trail being dangerous, they will also have a hard time getting a ride back to Davao during nighttime.

Getting There

Marilog District is approximately 62 miles from Davao City and the estimated travel time to get there is about 3 and a half hours. Those who are coming from Manila and Cebu can take a domestic flight directly Davao (which is the jump-off point to Epol Falls). From the airport, take a taxi ride to the Davao Bus Terminal located at Ecoland.

Upon arriving at the bus terminal, take a bus ride going to Cagayan de Oro or Bukidnon via Buda. Inform the bus driver or conductor to drop you off at Epol Falls or Busai. The bus fare to Marilog District is around ₱200 ($4.40) – ₱300 ($6.60), depending on the type of bus. On the left side of the road, a prominent sign indicating the entrance to Epol Falls can be seen. There will be a pathway/trail for you to follow, the walk from the main road to the waterfalls takes about 30 minutes.

Travel Tips

  • The forest trail to the Epol Falls can be very slippery and muddy during rainy season. Be sure to wear appropriate hiking or trekking shoes when visiting the area. Tourists are also advised to be cautious since the trail is mostly downhill.
  • The climate in Marilog District can be a bit chilly, especially to those not accustomed to cold climates. Wear a sweater or a jacket when visiting the area.
  • When it’s raining (especially during typhoon season), the water level of Epol Falls can rise quickly and the current can get pretty strong. Tourists are advised to proceed with extreme caution during these times.
  • There are several stores at the main entrance, ranging from snack stalls to fruits stands. If you’re lucky, you might get your hands on locally-made strawberry jams that are absolutely delicious.

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Pictures of Epol Falls

Epol Falls
Epol Falls. Photo by Gemstone2012

Epol Waterfalls & Cold Spring  - Epol Falls
Epol Waterfalls & Cold Spring - Epol Falls. Photo by sweetcaroline ♥


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