Dubai Mall. Shopping Mall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Mall

Shopping Mall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dubai Mall

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	in the Dubai Mall - Dubai Mall
Fountain in the Dubai Mall - Dubai Mall. Photo by Steven Byles
Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping center and stands proudly on its own pedestal even in a mall-crazy city like Dubai. A day-trip destination in its own right, the mall is an insane fusion of near infinite shopping, entertainment, and dining options, making it arguably the most comprehensive lifestyle center in the entire city. Although you’ll certainly not be short of places to max out your credit card during a trip to Dubai, do make a point of visiting what many consider to be the jewel in its crown.

Dubai Mall covers an area equivalent to 50 football pitches (1.1 million square meters) and is, to date, the most-visited leisure landmark on the planet.

Dubai Mall. Dubai. - Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall. Dubai.. Photo by Els

What Dubai Mall has to Offer

A dab of middle-eastern
	architecture - Dubai Mall
A dab of middle-eastern architecture - Dubai Mall. Photo by Sakena
What makes this mall unique in many ways is the sheer variety of entertainment options. This is what makes Dubai Mall an ideal destination for anyone, whether they’re travelling alone, as a couple, or with the whole family. Aside the obvious, over abundance of retail therapy sessions, Dubai Mall also boasts an indoor skating rink and the world’s largest, suspended underwater aquarium. All of it gets immensely busy, at just about any time or any day, yet the expansive mall does a good job of spreading out its 75-odd million visitors it welcomes every year. That number may be impressive, yet not nearly as impressive as learning that Dubai Mall is currently undergoing an expansion, as it predicts the numbers of visitors, in coming years, to top 100 million. Those mid-year sales are bound to be a rather competitive affair.

Whilst the mall is supposed to be divided in sections, it is a little difficult to discern between them, so use the innumerable interactive info boards to assist you reaching your intended destination.

 - Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall. Photo by Citizen59

 - Dubai
Dubai Mall.

Retail Heaven

You don’t have to love shopping to spend a day at Dubai Mall, but it’s bound to help more than a tad. There are a total of 1,200 stores here, with the great majority focusing on men and women’s fashion. Electronics, health & beauty, as well as jewelry, make up the rest of the shopping contingency. There are five department stores within Dubai Malls, including branches for Bloomingdale’s, Marks & Spencer, Galeries Lafayette (the largest in the Middle East), Debenmhams, and Paris Gallery.

The mall is home to three daycare centers, the most popular of which is Le Petit Palais, which you’ll find inside the Galleries Lafayette. Well rated for providing a wealth of both educational and entertaining activities for kids between the ages of 3 and 12, Le Petit Palais charges 80 DHS per hour or 140 DHS for an entire day of childminding.

Dubai Mall is renowned for being one of the most upmarket shopping centers in Dubai, and prices reflect this accordingly.

SEGA Republic

For older kids in tow, Sega Republic could be also classified as a ‘daycare center’, as with over 14 attractions and 170 games, it certainly ought to keep the teenagers entertained for hours, if not days, on end. You’ll find this SEGA world on the first floor of the mall.

REEL Cinemas

REEL Cinemas - Dubai Mall
REEL Cinemas - Dubai Mall. Photo by albedo20
The largest cinema complex in the region comprises 22 cinema screens and offers a vast array of contemporary flicks.


More of an educational complex rather than a simple daycare, KidZania aims to duplicate the grown-up world and offers children the chance at serious role playing. Kids can choose to be doctors, policemen, teachers, bakers, and a plethora of other professions for a few hours, while playing and learning the ropes of their chosen ‘adult life’. Unlike daycare centers, all kids are to be accompanied by adults. Activities are organized by age and suit kids from 2 to 16 years of age.

Dubai's Dino

Dubai’s Dino, or rather its authentic Amphicoelias brontodiplodocus dinosaur skeleton, was discovered in a U.S. quarry in 2008 and is one of the most intact dinosaur relics ever found. Dino is on display in the Dubai Mall where he stands tall and proud, measuring almost 82 feet in length and over seven meters in height. Dino is believed to be over 155 million years old.

A380 Experience

No mega-mall would ever be complete without its own in-house, mega-jumbo simulator. At Dubai Mall, you can experience the feel of flying the largest plane ever built, in an extremely convincing simulator which comes complete with realistic flight paths and weather conditions. Half-an-hour sessions cost 350 DHS.

Ice Skating Rink

Ice Skating in Dubai Mall - Dubai Shopping - Dubai
Ice Skating in Dubai Mall - Dubai Shopping - Dubai Mall. Photo by WoodconConstructions
Along with the underwater aquarium, the indoor ice-skating rink is Dubai Mall’s most famous attraction. Not known for doing things half-heartedly, the developers of the mall built an Olympic-size ice-skating rink, where beginner lessons are run by professional skating coaches at the Skating Academy. Public admission prices start at 60 DHS.

Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is home to over 30,000 animals, including hundreds of different species of sharks and rays. Built within one of the world’s largest water tanks, which measures 51 x 21 x 36 feet, it is both the best and busiest spot in the entire mall. The allure is not undeserved, as this is a phenomenal place in which to get close and personal with many of our planet’s marine wildlife species. If you have the option, consider visiting at lunch time, which is when most families will be taking a lunch break.

Dubai Mall's aquarium - Dubai Aquarium
Dubai Mall's aquarium - Dubai Aquarium. Photo by Waleed Alzuhair

At The Top of Burj Khalifa

Dubai Mall is home to the public access point of the Burj Khalifa Observation Platform, which you’ll find on the ground floor. At The Top is on the 124th floor of the world’s tallest building and gifts breathtaking and all encompassing views of Dubai, its coastline as well as the desert dunes beyond. Access is from 10 a0 feet to 10 p0 feet and tickets cost 125 DHS. As immediate sales are limited in number, it’s recommended you pre-purchase your tickets online.

The Dubai
The Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain

Part of the Dubai Mall emporium, the famous Dubai Fountain is, yet again, the world’s largest choreographed fountain system, displaying an incredible array of water, fire and light tricks every half-an-hour, starting from 6 p0 feet The Dubai Fountain is in the center of the man-made Burj Khalifa Lake, right outside the western end of the mall.

Opening Times

Dubai Mall is open from 10 a0 feet until 10 p0 feet every day except Thursdays and Sundays, when closing time is extended to midnight.

How to Get There

Located in Downtown Dubai, the mall is adjacent to the Burj Khalifa, arguably the most unmissable edifice in the whole city. If reaching the area from further afield, aside the obvious taxi option you could also utilize the free shuttle bus which runs past all the major city hotels once an hour.

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Author: Laura Pattara. Last updated: Feb 17, 2015

Pictures of Dubai Mall

dubai mall - Dubai Mall
dubai mall - Photo by full+crop image

Dubai Mall Aquarium - Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall Aquarium - Photo by Av@TaRGuru

Dubai - Dubai Mall
Dubai - Dubai Mall. Photo by Samuel Kimlicka

Escalators in Dubai Mall - Dubai Mall
Escalators in Dubai Mall - Photo by Bo Nielsen

Skating rink in Dubai Mall - Dubai Mall
Skating rink in Dubai Mall - Photo by Omar A.

@ Burj Khalifa Dubai - Dubai Mall
@ Burj Khalifa Dubai - Dubai Mall. Photo by Martijn Barendse


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