Diamond Head. Volcano in Oahu, Hawaii

Diamond Head

Volcano in Oahu, Hawaii

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Diamond Head

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Diamond Head was originally called “Le’ahi” by Hawaiians. “Lae” means “browridge” while “ahi” means “tuna” due to it looking like a tuna’s dorsal fin. In the later years, a British sailor found calcite crystals on the beach adjacent to Le’ahi. He mistook them as diamonds and so named Le’ahi as “Diamond Head”, which is easier for non-Hawaiians to use and thus became Le’ahi’s international label.

History and Background

Diamond Head is a result of a volcanic eruption. It had formed around 200,000 years ago and is dormant for about 150-thousand years. Many geologists however believe that Diamond Head may erupt again.

Diamond Head had been a fort during the civil war. It housed mortars and other military facilities. It was built by Thomas H. Ruger (Wikipedia Article). The fort was first established as the Diamond Head Reservation in 1906 and was later renamed as “Fort Ruger” in 1909.

How to Get Here

One can take a bus from Waikiki beach to the Diamond Head. It can also be walked to.

Diamond Head can be climbed any day of the year including holidays. However it is only allowable to enter from 6 in the morning up to 6 in the evening. Last entrance would be at 4:30PM. It has some entrance fees.

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