Casaroro Falls. Waterfall in Dumaguete, Philippines

Casaroro Falls

Waterfall in Dumaguete, Philippines

Casaroro Falls -- Negros Oriental Photo © adam nicholson

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Casaroro Falls

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	Casaroro Falls
Casaroro Falls. Photo by Juan-Ted
Casaroro Falls, located in the municipality of Valencia, is one of the most popular attractions in the province of Negros Oriental (Wikipedia
	Article). It is touted to be the province’s most photographed body of water and is definitely the pride of Valencia. Said to be the tallest waterfalls in the Visayas region with a height of more than 30 meter, visitors going to Dumaguete City are urged to go and see this majestic waterfall.

Casaroro Falls is about 12 kilometers west of Dumaguete City, at the foot of Mount Talinis (Wikipedia
	Article). It is an easy travel along a scenic road that will take you uphill to the mountains of Valencia where the waterfalls are lodged deep in its rocky crevices. Although the road from the highway going up to the falls is quite challenging, the sight of its majesty is well worth the difficulties of reaching the place.


Entrance fee is ₱10 ($0.22) for adults and teens above 12 years old, ₱5 ($0.11) for children 12 and below while picnic sheds go for ₱50 ($1.10).

The whole scenery is worth the trip, not just the falls itself. You need to hike from the entrance along the edges of a river that winds its way through this valley. Though you might need to climb over boulders, the beauty of the lush tropical vegetation bordering the creek is something that will refresh tired visitors. Along the way, there are smaller pools that are considered safe for swimming. Even from afar, the mighty roar of the falls can already be heard.

Casaroro Falls is stunning. Though it is narrow, this waterfalls has a powerful plunge down a 100-foot ravine into the rocks and boulders that catch the mighty force of the waters. At the foot is a basin which can offer a refreshing dip. However, it is advised that you do not swim close to the falls as there have been reported incidents of drowning, perhaps because of the strong current. It is said that the depth of this basin is equal to the height of the falls but the exact depth has never been actually measured.

Casaroro Falls -- Negros
	Oriental - Casaroro Falls
Casaroro Falls -- Negros Oriental. Photo by adam nicholson

How to Get There

Public Transport

	Majesty of Casaroro Falls - Casaroro Falls
The Majesty of Casaroro Falls - Casaroro Falls. Photo by Juan-Ted
In Dumaguete City, ride a tricycle and tell the driver to take you to the Valencia terminal. The fare is ₱8 ($0.18) per person. Take the jeepney going to the town of Valencia, which is 9 kilometers or 20-30 minutes away, the fare is ₱13 ($0.29). When you arrive at Valencia town plaza, look for a tricycle or motorcycle for hire locally called ‘habal-habal’ to take you to the drop-off point, about 15 minutes away. The fare for a habal-habal is ₱100 ($2.20) to ₱200 ($4.40) per person for a round-trip.

There are also motorcycles for hire and habal-habals are available near the jeepney terminal on Colon Extension which can take you as far as possible to the intended destination. The driver can charge you between ₱150 ($3.30) to ₱300 ($6.60) per passenger. You can ask the driver to wait and bring you back to Dumaguete for a premium fee but at least you are guaranteed to have a ride going back.

Motorcycle Rental

Motorcycles are available for rent in the area near Qyosko Restaurant in Dumaguete City. Here, you can hire a motorcycle for ₱150 ($3.30) for 5 hours and ₱20 ($0.44) per succeeding hour. You just need to sign some insurance papers, leave your ID, load the motorcycle with gas, and you’re set to go. Take Valencia Drive from Robinson’s Mall until you reach the end of the road in Valencia town proper. Turn right and follow the ‘Harold Eco Resort’ sign until you reach a dirt road.

Vehicle Rental
The most comfortable and convenient way of going to Casaroro Falls is hiring a private vehicle. The rate is between ₱2,000 ($44) to ₱3,000 ($66) for 8 hours depending on the vehicle to be used.

Concrete Stairs - Casaroro Falls
Concrete Stairs - Casaroro Falls. Photo by Juan-Ted
The entrance to the falls is 500 meters uphill from the dirt road. While the climb uphill and then down a steep gorge would have been a real test of endurance, the 350-step concrete and steel stairs has made it a little easier. The stairs are quite steep and not for the weak-kneed. The walk would take about 15 to 30 minutes depending on how often you stop to take a rest. There used to be a concrete pavement or bridge that was destroyed by typhoon Sendong, so now, you have to clamber over some boulders to reach the falls.


  • It tends to rain more frequently in Casaroro Falls because of its higher elevation. Be prepared to take the necessary rain gear to protect you from sudden downpours.
  • During the rainy season, there is a tendency for the creek to be flooded so trekking to the waterfalls will be a little riskier. Consult with a local guide if it will be safe to proceed to the falls after heavy rain.
  • Wear footwear with good traction, not flip flops or sandals since the stairs and the boulders are slippery.
  • Heed the signs and do not swim near the falls. There have been drowning incidents because some had ventured too close to the falls. There is a high probability that the powerful drop of the water will suck you in and the current might be too strong for you to take control.

Travel Tips

  • It is best to get an experienced local guide to show you the way since conditions have changed after the typhoon damaged some of the concrete pavement. Most of the habal-habal drivers that service this route can be contracted for an additional fee to act as your guide as well. There are also experienced guides available where you start the trek. There are group tours organized by tour operators, travel agents, and hotels which you can join.
  • Bring the necessary provisions especially bottled water as there are no stores within this area.
  • If you did not ask your driver to wait, make sure you set a definite time for pick-up. It would be difficult to contact him as there is no mobile signal.

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Pictures of Casaroro Falls

Casaroro Falls
Casaroro Falls. Photo by unknown

Tropical Forest - Casaroro Falls
Tropical Forest - Casaroro Falls. Photo by Juan-Ted


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