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Bornholm - Bornholm. Photo by Rick Segal
Bornholm, a Danish island located in the east of Denmark, but is actually closer to Sweden than Denmark. Nicknamed as the ‘Pear of the Baltic’, as it’s surrounded by the Baltic Sea; it’s a very popular summer travel destination. Rønne (Wikipedia
	Article), which serves as the arrival point for the travelers, is also the island’s biggest town.

How you can get to Bornholm?

Travelers have two options for getting to Bornholm. Flying to Ronne-Bornholm airport is the quicker of the two options as it takes only 35 minute from Copenhagen, the Danish capital, to get to Ronne-Bornholm airport.
Another way is to book your reservations through the ferry connections, which is also a good option if you are bringing your own car to get around the island and its lovely beaches. However, the ferry is going to cost you more than the flight. It operates regularly according to its schedule between Koge and Bornholm. The duration of the ferry trip is approximately 3 hours.

Things to Do

Without a doubt, Bornholm is a popular destination for the tourists especially during the summer season, owing to its beautiful long sandy beaches. There are bicycle paths everywhere, which means that you can enjoy cycling around to visit the island's famous landmarks. During your visit in Bornholm, don’t forget to experience the 19th century local town’s architecture, the ruins at Hammershus and of course, the Bornholm Museum (Wikipedia
	Article). Public transport is easily available which means that you can travel around the entire island, even if you haven’t brought your car.

Bornholm -
Bornholm - Hammershus. Photo by Rick Segal

Trips to the Beach

Due to Bornholm’s geographical location, you will love its beaches as you are going to experience more hours of sun than elsewhere in Denmark.

Crystal clear and warm Baltic Water

During the summers, the crystal clear water of the Baltic Sea is warmed up pretty quickly, and after it’s warmed up, the cliffs and the Baltic maintains the temperature over a long period of time. Due to this, it serves as an excellent beach for those who want to enjoy water sports during summer months, weather permitting.

There is also a child friendly beach which has got shallow water and is located in Balka; there is, an almost, endless beach at Dueodde (Wikipedia Article), stretching to the rocky coast at Sandvig and Sandkas. At every beach, you will easily find sheltered spots where you can relax by stretching your legs for as long as you want. There are also many cliffs and hollows on the beaches and you can easily travel from one beach to another, due to the small distance between each of them.

Visiting the Balka Beach

The Balka beach is one of the most popular of all the Bornholm beaches. The beach starts in Snogebæk (Wikipedia Article) and ends in Balka. It has got a variety of restaurants and shops surrounding it, where you can enjoy some of the most mouthwatering exotic cuisines. There are also toilets and mini golf facilities available. Car parking is also not a problem, if you are visiting the island by car.

Being several kilometers long, it’s got shallow water with very fine sand. The beach stays warm, being sheltered from the summer wind that blows from the west. If you are visiting Bornholm with your family and children, then this is the beach that you must visit as your children can play around for several hours in its shallow waters. For swimming, you will have to wander a little bit further in the ocean, which makes it secure for light swimmers. Other than swimming, you can always enjoy water sports and hire water cycles, deck chairs and windsurfing equipment. The lifeguards are present to assist the beach-goers during peak seasons.

Furthermore, the beach is also handicap friendly due to the presence of a disabled ramp by the restaurant. You can go all the way down to the water’s edge in Balka beach and bring your bike, wheelchair or a baby carrier along with you.

Visiting the Dueodde beach

The Dueodde beach happens to be the most famous of all the Bornholm beaches and is also amongst the finest beaches of Europe. There is both deep and shallow water close to the shore, containing sand bars. The sand is inviting and ultra fine.

The beach stretches for several kilometers on both sides of the island’s southern tip. Starting off narrow in Snogebæk, where it almost serves as a private beach for the holiday cottages. It eventually broadens out to several hundred meters of width at one point, before ending again as a narrow beach by the name of Jomfrugard. You can witness several dunes and hollows on the widest stretch of the beach.
Just like the Balka beach, you can bring your bike, wheelchair or buggy along to the beach. There is a car park which is equipped with toilets, a kiosk and a bus point.

Dueodde Lighthouse is one of the main highlights of this beach. You can enjoy an amazing and breathtaking view by climbing this lighthouse. The beach was also awarded the Blue Flag due to its extremely clean environment among the other blue flag requirements that it complies with.

Hotels in Bornholm

You can consider the SAS Hotel Fredensborg Bornholm (4 stars) or Hotel Griffen (3 stars) (both are located in Ronne), as your accommodation options for an enjoyable trip in Bornholm.

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Pictures of Bornholm

Gudhjem, Bornholm - Bornholm
Gudhjem, Bornholm - Photo by Dave Verwer

Gudhjem, Bornholm - Bornholm
Gudhjem, Bornholm - Photo by Dave Verwer

Bornholm 2014 - Bornholm
Bornholm 2014 - Photo by distelfliege

Bornholm 2014 - Bornholm
Bornholm 2014 - Photo by distelfliege

Sandvig beach, Bornholm - Bornholm
Sandvig beach, Bornholm - Photo by Dave Verwer


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