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Village in Brazil, South America

Praça da Liberdade - Bonito - Ms Photo © Bert'sphotos

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Main Street,
	Bonito, Brazil - Bonito
Main Street, Bonito, Brazil - Bonito. Photo by K Thomason
Bonito is a city of Mato Grosso do Sul, located in the center west region of Brazil and is considered the capital of the Brazilian Ecotourism.
The city is visited by millions of tourists looking for the most diverse types of attractions.
Among the natural beauty present in the city of Bonito are the crystal clear waters inhabited by several fascinating species, caves formed more than 1 million years ago, and the rich vegetation in the wetlands where several animal species can be found.
So, the city is considered a real paradise on Earth.


Bonito's origins is incorporated within the history of the formation of another city known as Miranda, which is related with the expansion of the 16th century. The city served, by this time, as a means of support for the expeditions to reach the mines of Peru.

After the Paraguayan War (Wikipedia
	Article) (1865-1870) many farmers, Indians and some fugitives took shelter on the Rincão Bonito Farm (Wikipedia Article) of Mr. Euzébio.
Therefore this little land was named Bonito and owned by the city of Miranda, and only on October 2nd, 1948 did Bonito become an independent city.


There are several options for tourist itineraries in Bonito, among them we can highlight the following:

Adventure Tours

Abismo Anhumas
The adventure tours includes a trip to the center of the Earth in a decline of 72 meters into the Abismo Anhumas, a dip in the waters of the Natural Bonita Baía Aquarium, where we can find some of the clearest water in the world, a boat ride on the Rio Formoso where the tourists can enjoy the beauty of the wildlife on the river banks; A thrilling ride on buoys in a single descent of 1000 meters into the rapids and waterfalls of Rio Formoso, a ride in an exciting four-wheeled trail on the road of Boiadeira, and a circuit of tree climbing of the grand trees on the riverside of Formoso.

Resort Tours

The resort tours includes trips to the Bonita Island, the Civic Resort, the Sol Resort, the Priest Island and also to the beach of Figueira, one of the busiest in the city.

Waterfall Tours

The visitors who wish to enjoy scenes of the waterfalls of Bonito have the option of five major tours which include the Boca da Onça Ecotour (with trails, waterfalls and abseil descents), the waterfalls of the Fish River (one of the most beautiful sceneries of nature found in the city), the Ceita Corê (a tour that includes beautiful waterfalls, caves and exciting tracks), the Mimosa Resort (with waterfalls and unforgettable adventures) and also the Park Waterfalls (a track formed by six waterfalls where the visitors can take pictures, stop for snacks and take a swim).

Animal Tours

There are also rides for those who would love to observe the animals. The two main tours are the following: Hole of the Macaws (where you can have a panoramic view of the natural habitat of these birds, as well as its main activities) and the Python Project (which aims to demystify the fear of snakes, where it's possible to interact directly with these animals).

Bonito. Photo by Unknown

River Tours

The river tours are also very popular with tourists. For those who want to experience the beautiful waters of Bonito, one can choose from the main rides available Sucuri River, Formoso River, Mysterious Pond, Blue Water Source and Silver River.

Cave Tour

There are two major tours which includes visits to certain caves. The Blue Lake Cave (Wikipedia
	Article) (the cave is found within a large blue lake, with dimensions that make it one of the largest flooded caves in the world) and the Caves of San Miguel (with impressive rock formations).

Main Landmarks

The main landmarks of the city of Bonito are:
  • Natural Aquarium

  • The Natural Aquarium is one of the closest attractions of the city center, it needs just about 8 km of dirt road to arrive on the site and its access can be done by car, bike or taxi. It is a specific area to do fluctuation, but there are also the options to track and see some local animals, lunch and use the pool.
  • Blue Lake Cave

  • Estancia Mimosa
    Estancia Mimosa
    The Blue Lake Cave is one of the symbols of Bonito, an unmissable place to visit and, consequently, be enchanted.
    After going down lots of steps, observe stalactites and stalagmites (formations that takes thousands of years to form), the tourists arrives at the blue lake - a famous and historical landmark of the city. The truth is that most of the year the tourists can not see the lake as it appears on postcards. It is indisputable his beautiful bluish color, but only between December and JAnuary, in the morning, is that the sun shines directly on the lake, leaving its color even more intense and ecstatic.
  • Mimosa Resort

  • The Mimosa Resort is like a farm with woods and beautiful waterfalls. The tourists who buy tours to the place makes a 3500 m of walk, always accompanied by a guide, covering the many waterfalls of the property. In about 7 waterfalls it is possible to stop for dives, take photos, to rest and may even jump from one platform of 6 m high.
  • Park of the Waterfalls

  • The Park of Waterfalls is located near the Mimosa Resort and both share the waterfalls because the same river divides the two properties. It is a park for taking walks, see waterfalls and small caves, enjoy the natural pools and down by zip line. A great place to get in touch with the nature.
  • Sun Resort

  • The Sun Resort is located along the Formoso River and is a well-structured place with many fishes and attractives to have fun. Who visit the place will find trampoline, courts to play volleyball and soccer, zip line, playground, etc.
  • Municipal Resort

  • The Municipal Resort is smaller than the Sun Resort but has so many fishes that people who visit the place gets enchanted. The best thing is that to know it, enjoy its structure and do a snorkel with the fishes, the tourists have to pay only 15 BRL.
  • Anhumas Abyss

  • The Anhumas Abyss is one of the most spectacular attractions in Bonito. It is a complete ride: it has abseiling, diving and contemplation of nature - the perfect combination for those who like adventure. Unique and radical, the Abyss is perfect for the adventurous.
    Bonito, Brazil -
    Bonito, Brazil - Bonito. Photo by Patty Ho
  • Hole of the Macaws

  • The Hole of Macaws is about 54 km from Bonito and is one of the most amazing sights in the area for the nature lovers. It is a depression in the land occupied by native macaws wich live free.
    By doing the ride to the hole of the Macaws the tourist travels around its length and makes stops at lookouts with strategic vision to observe the animals and take pictures. It is a program designed just for contemplation, but simply amazing. There are very few opportunities to see animals so amazing in their natural habitat.
  • Mysterious Lagoon

  • The name suggests a little of what the tourists will find in the place. The Mysterious Laggon is surprising and not shows off the vastness of its depths, rocks and seawalls. It is a flooded cave that form an abyss, where visitors can swimand float watching the fishes.
  • Jiboia Project

  • The Jiboia Project is an educational work that enables tourists to learn more about these animals, their way of life and their power. The project provides information on non-venomous snakes and allows visitors to catch them.

    Boca da Onca -
    Boca da Onca - Bonito. Photo by Tristan Blakers


    With several fine restaurants and traditional houses that offer homemade food, the diversity is huge. The city of Bonito offers a variety of dishes which includes:
  • Carreteiro Rice - A rice dish prepared with chopped dried meat and tomato sauce.
  • Paraguay Soup - A soup made with corn flour, cheese and curd.
  • Chipa - Similar to cheese bread, the recipe of Chipa includes naturally fermented cassava and cheese.
  • Barbecue - Brought by the immigrants from southern Brazil, the barbecue is one of the most famous dishes in the city of Bonito.
  • Marmalade - The marmalade is made with quinces (fruit), lemons, water and sugar.
  • Mayonnaise of Cassava - As the name implies, it is a paste made with cooked and mashed cassava.
  • Cassava - is one of the most common dishes in Brazil, having different ways of preparation.
  • Chicken with Palmito - A chicken cooked with turmeric and palmito bacuri (a typical plant of the city).
  • Hotels

    There is a wide range of hotels in the city, like Águas de Bonito Hotel, Chalé Apart Hotel, Cabanas Hotel, Blue Lake Hotel, Bonsai Hostel, Tapera Hostel and Wetiga Hostel.
    The tourists avail of these hotels at the average price of 150 BRL per day.
    For the more adventurous tourists, there is also the option to camp, both in their own tents and in close quarters, where many families get together.



      Our Psouada - Main Lobby -
      Our Psouada - Main Lobby - Bonito. Photo by K Thomason

      Tourist Transportation

      Being a very busy tourist town, Bonito is well prepared to welcome all the visitors. There is motorcycle taxi services, taxi, mini bus for larger groups, and a lot of reliable public transportation.
      Also, the tourists can request the service of some famous agencies such as Bonito Way Transport (+55 67 3255-1046), Transfer Bonito (+55 67 3255-1119), H2O Transport (+55 67 3255-3535), Vanzella Transport (+55 67 3255-3901) and Tourism Water Transport (+55 67 3255-2332).


      The city of Bonito is considered a safe city. With civilian and military police, the most common cases recorded in Bonito are shoplifting and theft without large gravity.
      However, the authorities warn tourists to always be alert while walking down the streets to avoid encountering any type of danger.

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