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Avenue of Stars

Road in Hong Kong, Asia

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Avenue of Stars

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Hong Kong - Bruce Lee's Star on Avenue of Stars - Avenue of Stars
Hong Kong - Bruce Lee's Star on Avenue of Stars - Avenue of Stars. Photo by NekaPearl
The Hong Kong film business was one of the world’s leading movie industries for decades and enjoys a cult following still to this day. Not unlike Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Avenue of Stars pays homage to the greats of the local movie industry and is filled with hand prints of over 100 of the most acclaimed actors and directors of the last century.

Most renowned for its plethora of action-film shrines, the Avenue of Stars is revered by Chinese die-hard fans who find this to be a most fitting tribute to their life-long idols. Most foreign visitors may fail to see the attraction, yet nevertheless, all will inevitably end up perusing the avenue at one time or another during their visit. Ideally located on the Victoria Harbour (Wikipedia Article) waterfront, the Avenue of Stars is lined with bars and restaurants, offers stupendous views and is the site of the nightly ‘A Symphony of Lights (Wikipedia Article)’ display.

Evening At
	The Promenade - Avenue of Stars
Evening At The Promenade - Avenue of Stars. Photo by Daniel Lee


Here are just some of the things you can see and do around the Avenue of Stars:

Meet the Stars

Hong Kong - Bruce
	Lee's Star on Avenue of Stars - Avenue of Stars
Hong Kong - Bruce Lee's Star on Avenue of Stars - Avenue of Stars. Photo by NekaPearl
The most commanding site, and the one which draws the most foreign admiration, is the statue of internationally-acclaimed martial art expert, Bruce Lee. Set along the water’s edge, with the striking background of the Hong Kong Island’s skyline, this is arguably the most-photographed statue along the avenue and certainly not to be missed. If you’re a fan of Hong Kong cinema then you ought not to miss the commemorative plaques of Lai man-wai (long considered the forefather of the local movie industry) and two of the most internationally known artists to have been featured in Hollywood films: Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fat. The cutest statue by far would have to be that of McDull, an insanely popular cartoon character in Hong Kong and the one credited with honoring the local animation movie industry.

Catch a Show

Lively performances are held on weekends, helping to make this a rather crowded place to visit. A musical performance is held on Saturday nights from 7PM onwards, starring some of the best, up-and-coming musicians in Hong Kong. A series of eclectic performances are held every month with the program changing on a regular basis.
The Symphony of Lights is, brutally speaking, a bit of a hit-and-miss affair, with general consensus ranging from it being ‘a spectacular light fest’ to ‘the kitschiest thing you’ll ever see’. Considering the nighttime views of the city are quite spectacular from this location, it’s certainly a worthwhile thing to see, if merely to ascertain once and for all, which side of the like-dislike fence will you sit on. It will all depend on what you think of, a myriad of colorful laser lights bouncing off a multitude of skyscrapers.

Avenue Of Stars - Kowloon - Hong Kong -
	Avenue of Stars
Avenue Of Stars - Kowloon - Hong Kong. Photo by Bertrand Duperrin

Enjoy a Junk Cruise

Hong Kong Junk Boat
	- Avenue of Stars
Hong Kong Junk Boat - Avenue of Stars. Photo by DavidSandoz
Victoria Harbor is one of the most scenic spots in all of Hong Kong and a lovely place in which to spend some time. Taking a junkboat (traditional sailing vessel) harbor cruise is by far one of the most rewarding things you can do here. The beautifully-maintained Aqua Luna sails the harbor daily and offers a great hop-on/hop-off option, with all encompassing stops in Tsim Sha Tsui (Wikipedia
	Article), Central, Wanchai and Hunghom. A full-day, unlimited ride pass costs just HK$120 ($16). In the evenings, the boat offers a lovely 45-minute cruise of Victoria Harbor, starting from Tsim Sha Tsui (pier 1) at 5.30PM, 7.30PM and 9.30PM. A daily pass will include rides at these times. Sailing the harbour, reclining on the comfy lounges of the top deck (with cocktail in hand) is arguably the most enjoyable way to soak up a Hong Kong sunset on a clear day. Although the evening cruise also stops at Central, make sure you hop on where it starts to ensure pole position.

Splurge on a Dinner with Killer Views

	Hong Kong - Avenue of Stars
Intercontinental Hong Kong - Avenue of Stars. Photo by Bertrand Duperrin
The Avenue of Stars is certainly not short of drinking and dining options, but if you’re looking for a particularly incredible foodie and sightseeing splurge, then feast your eyes and taste buds on the exquisite buffet dinner offered at the Intercontinental Hotel. You’ll find the hotel on the waterfront, just east of the Avenue of Stars. The floor-to-ceiling windows and superlative food served by the award-winning restaurant has ensured it a top spot as one of the best buffet-dinner experiences in Hong Kong. At HK$800 ($104) per person, this is certainly not the cheapest dinner in town, but after you savor the flavors of the extensive delights on offer, and soak up the superb views, you may (almost) forget the price. Certainly worthy of a splurge if you’re looking for that one special night out while visiting Hong Kong. Booking in advance, for a window table, is highly recommended.

How to Get There

Take the MTR (Wikipedia Article) to Tsim Sha Tsui station on Victoria Harbor, take exit J and follow the tourist signs to the Avenue of Stars.

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Pictures of Avenue of Stars

View of Hong Kong Island From the Avenue of the Stars - Avenue of Stars
View of Hong Kong Island From the Avenue of the Stars - Avenue of Stars. Photo by edwin.11


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