Atlantis Paradise Island. Hotel in Bahamas, North America

Atlantis Paradise Island

Hotel in Bahamas, North America

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Atlantis Paradise Island

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 - Atlantis Paradise
Atlantis Paradise Island. Photo by unknown
Atlantis Paradise Island, simply known as Atlantis, is a world famous resort in The Bahamas near Blue Lagoon Island. While the location states it is at Paradise Island, it is just off of the shore of Nassau in what was known as Hog Island. You can easily see the resort from Nassau (New Providence) and can either take a walk to the resort or by boat, which is much faster.

The resort is over 680 acres and has become, almost as well-known as, an integral part of The Bahamas.

History of Atlantis

Hog Island, in the pre-World War II era, was once a private estate owned by a Swedish gentleman who was an entrepreneur. After being purchased by the heir to the A&P supermarket chain, the Paradise Island Resort was opened in 1962. However, the iconic architecture of Atlantis was not built until 1998 with a cost of around $800 million after it was bought by Sol Kerzner from entertainment mogul, Merv Griffin. In a time when the tourism industry in The Bahamas was declining, he saw potential in building a resort like no other of its kind in the world. In fact, in less than a year the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort changed the economy for the better in The Bahamas.

Atlantis is more than just a resort. It features incredible attractions, an open-air marine environment which is the largest in the world at 11 million gallons, a marina that is an engineering masterpiece, it contains art worth millions of dollars, a dolphin habitat with total capacity of over 14 acres, a 140 acre water scape, and is listed as one of the world's most expensive hotel suites with its Bridge Suite costing at least $ 25,000 USD per night.

 - Atlantis
	Paradise Island
Lobby of Atlantis Resort, Bahamas. . Photo by Aubrey Williams

Activities at Atlantis Paradise Island

Aquaventure-The Reef Atlantis
Aquaventure-The Reef Atlantis. Photo by luvedwardcullen
There are numerous activities offered to all tourists by Atlantis that can definitely entertain the entire family. Whether it's gambling or water activities, shopping or dining, Atlantis really has it all.

Water activities include the Aquaventure which has four water slides, rapids, and even lazy river runs for those who want to sit back and relax after a hot day of the Caribbean sun. This area of the resort includes The Current which is a water ride that is over a mile long and has tidal surges, fake steams, rapids, and waves.

Also at the resort is the Leap of Faith which is a 60 foot water slide that starts at the top of the Mayan Temple structure and flows through the lagoon teeming with sharks. Another slide is the Challenger which is a high speed race where two people can compete and then compare their speeds at the bottom of the slide with the time clocks that are posted.

The Abyss is a vertical drop that plunges you down the slide in complete darkness, adding to the thrill. It is a 200 foot slide that ends with going through the waterfalls and into The Cenote, which is an underground area with prehistoric creatures. The Surge is a 121' tower that lets you enjoy the ride with a camel back descent into a cavern via an inner tube but you're not done yet. You then enter the white rapids with plenty of twists and turns because of a frightening flash flood, then you are returned to The Current. The Drop is another inner tube ride that starts inside of the Power Tower and drops into total darkness. What starts in an enclosed ride has open air turns and twists and also ends up in The Current.

The Serpent Slide is a five story corkscrew ride and is also in the darkness of the core of the Mayan Temple. You get to ride through the acrylic tube where you can see the sharks up close personal and they're all live! The Jungle Slide is perfect for children and adults alike where riders take a safari through the caves and jungles right in the middle of the Mayan Temple.

And finally, Splashers is a water park built especially for children. There's a water playground, kids pool, three tube slides, fountains, cannons, cargo nets, rope bridges, and more. Best of all, the water depth is no more than three feet so children can have their water fun too.

There is a rock climbing are for children and adults featuring 12 climbing surfaces where beginners and experts can enjoy the variety of areas to climb so no one feels left out.

The aquarium area is called The Dig and features a marine habitat that has the reputation as the world's largest. With the clear tunnel, visitors can see the marine animals with great ease and it is over 30 meter long. Just some of the animals include sting rays, sharks, jellyfish, barracudas, manta rays, and saw fish. This marine habitat has a variety of things to do such as the Stingray Lagoon, Dolphin Cay, Predator Lagoon, The Cenote, Estuary Lagoon, Hibiscus Lagoon, a Reef Lagoon, Seagrapes Lagoon, Royal Ray Lagoon, Water's Edge, and more. Each area makes a total of eight million gallons of saltwater, encompasses, 14 lagoons, and includes over 50,000 aquatic animals. Some, you can get up close and personal such as the dolphins, the stingray lagoon where you can touch and feed them, and in every other activity you can at least get up close and see these animals in their habitat, even the predators.

Dolphin Cay is an area of the resort where visitors can swim with and interact with the dolphins. This area has over 14 acres of crystal, clear water where there is a variety of dolphin related activities. Sea lions are also part of this adventure and you can choose from a shallow water interaction or even a deep water swim.

Restaurants at Atlantis Paradise Island

With over 21 restaurants, lounges, and bars available, there is a variety of food and drinks to try from. From fine dining to casual meals, quick eats, bars, and lounges, you can choose just about any kind of dish. One of the main restaurants is Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill and in the fine dining category you can choose from Asian, French, grilled, Italian, Mediterranean, and steak houses.

In the casual dining atmosphere there are buffets, barbecues, Bahamian dishes, delis, grills, and Italian choices.

Quick bites feature familiar eateries such as Quiznos, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, Brat's and Balls, Daiquiri Shack, Dive In, Johnny Rockets, Marina Pizzeria, Shark Bites, and yes, there is even a Starbucks available as well so you can get your daily coffee fix.

There are also various bars and lounges, some featuring food as well as drinks such as Seafire Steakhouse and Nobu, which has a sushi bar and cocktail lounge.

Gaming at Atlantis

Atlantis also has a casino with just about everything a gamer could want such as tables, slots, tournaments, and much more. The casino is open 24 hours a day and welcomes everyone, from high rollers to the casual gambler.

Entertainment at Atlantis

There are a few entertainment venues at Atlantis. Cain at the Cove is an adults only pool featuring 20 private cabanas. No one under 18 is allowed in this area which is perfect for those not wanting to interact with children or simply want a little time away for adult fun. The Aura Nightclub is a 9,000 square foot nightclub with dancing and drinking; it includes VIP sections for those who want to indulge. Atlantis Live has top entertainment acts in every genre of music. Past guests have included Michael Buble, Paramore, Alicia Keys, Jimmy Fallon, Paramore, Lady Antebellum, Josh Groban, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and more amazing acts.

Other Activities at Atlantis

Along with all of the things to do and see, there are activities that you can enjoy such as golf, the spa, the fitness center, tennis courts, shopping, pottery, rock climbing, arcade entertainment at the Gamer's Reef, the Atlantis Theater with current blockbuster movies, Atlantis Pals where kids can make a stuffed animal from scratch, the library, the marina, and yacht and fishing charters are available for some time spent in the open waters.

Accommodations at Atlantis

The Cove
The Cove Atlantis
The accommodations at Atlantis are split up into different areas of the resort. These include the Beach Tower, Harborside, The Cove, The Coral Towers, The Reef, and The Royal Towers. Every person that stays at Atlantis has access to The Dig, the 141 acre water park, the beaches, the 11 pools, marine exhibits, movies, resort shuttles, and the library. Some activities do have an extra fee such as swimming with the dolphins, booking a fishing charter or yacht, and a few others but most of the use of the resort is included as a paying guest.

The costs for accommodations can range quite a bit. For instance, The Tower is considered a budget accommodation and ranges from around $ 142 USD per night for two adults whereas the Harborside Resort averages around $ 370 USD per night. Obviously, this is based on a number of things such as when you plan to stay, how long you plan to stay, and this doesn't showcase the most expensive rooms such as the Bridge Suite. But that should give you an idea of the average cost. If you book far enough in advance you can view prices for more expensive suites such as one in the The Cove Atlantis which will run close to $ 800 USD per night, and this was during the month of January. Summer months will prove to be more expensive and especially months around the holidays such as Christmas.

No matter whether you stay at Atlantis or go there as a tourist for the day, it's as much of The Bahamas as the conch fritters and crystal clear water with pristine beaches.

Atlantis, The Palm
Atlantis, The Palm

Similar Landmarks

There is another Atlantis Resort, in Dubai, called Atlantis, The Palm.

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