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Castle in Spain, Europe

Alhambra │قصر الحمراء │the red fortress │la fortaleza roja Photo © jesuscm

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	Variation2 - Alhambra
Alhambra Variation2 - Alhambra. Photo by Adrien Sifre
The Alhambra is considered to be one of the best examples of Moorish Art and its combination of garden and palace shows so much that is good when it comes to Andalusian history. The view from all angles is amazing and it is hard not to be astounded by the peach colored walls that work their way around al-Sabika Hill.

Granada itself is spread over a group of hills surrounded by the Sierra Nevada (Wikipedia Article) Mountains, and combines a lively center with a thriving administrative center and student areas and nightlife.
Firstly, it is worth noting that there is a limit to the number of visitors allowed at the Alhambra each day, and while that is 6,600 and may seem a lot, only 300 every half hour can access the Nasrid Palace. It is advisable to book in advance and considering the fact that some book three months in advance, it is likely that a last minute visit may lead to disappointment even though one-third of the tickets can be purchased on the day. If booking is left late, be prepared for an early start and get to the ticket office for 8 AM. Alternatively, the City Pass will allow entrance to the Alhambra without an extra ticket.

Arranging the Tour on The Day

There will be an allocated time to enter the Nasrid Palace. If you are late booking you can’t choose the time so being organized and booking early really has benefits. If given the choice, visit the Genralife first then make the trip across the bridge to the Alhambra and finish with the Nasrid Palaces. You need to allow at least half a day, so if you don’t want to be rushed, it is best to allow more than that.
The Generalife was the summer retreat of the Sultan and has some amazing water gardens and due to its hillside location, it is easy to claim that it is the best in the region. It has views to so many other places, cypresses carved into archways, jets of water, pools and patios and pavilions that work perfectly together.
Once you have finished, there it is time to cross the Torre del Agua Bridge and through the fortified gateways of the Alhambra itself. It has an Arab bathhouse and the lighting is thanks to the opening in the roof that are shaped like stars.
The Alcazaba Citadel is the oldest section and dates back to the 9th century and is completed with three square towers that now are used to give stunning views but were once used to look out for invaders.

 - Alhambra
Alhambra. . Photo by Julián Rejas De Castro

The Nasrid Palaces

Nasrid Palaces - The
	Alhambra - Granada - The Gilded Room - Alhambra
Nasrid Palaces - The Alhambra - Granada - The Gilded Room - Alhambra. Photo by Elliott Brown
The Nasrid Palaces are the main aspects of Alhambra and they were built back in the 14th century by the last dynasty of Kings to rule Spain – the Nasrids. Three palaces are interconnected and there are marvelous sights that can be seen as you walk through the rooms of the place before heading to a garden and then to the next palace to start the process over again. The royal apartments are linked by courtyards, displaying ornate and delicate fountains.
However enjoyable the visit has been so far, it is the decorations that will catch the attention of the tourists, making one awe at its beauty and wonder as to how they were created. The colors will be hard to forget as there are green, black and red tiles alongside Arabic script quoting lines from the Koran.
Geometrically designed plaster reliefs in cream seem to go on forever and once in the Ambassadors Salon, there is the amazing cedar inlaid ceiling. The one room that will amaze the current day visitor in the same way that it has amazed mathematicians and architects for centuries is the Abencerrages Hall and its stalactite dome.

The Palacio de Carlos V

Built by Emperor Charles V in 1527, there was a change in style here and it is clear that there is a Renaissance and European influence, and while it may seem it will be out of place, it is another stunning piece of the complex to visit.
The inside is a circular courtyard with two storeys of galleries and rumors that there was once a bullfighting event held there, but outside it has bronze lions heads along the rusticated blocks and is as square as the interior is round.
Decorative arts abound in the Museo de la Alhambra that is on the ground floor, as well as fragments of architecture, while the Museo de Bellas Artes on the first floor mixes modern paintings and Baroque altarpieces.

 - Alhambra
Alhambra. . Photo by Adrien Sifre

Opening Times

  • Mid-March to mid-October: 8.30 AM-2 PM and 2 PM-8 PM.
  • Mid-November to mid-March: 8.30 AM-2 PM and 2 PM-6 PM.
  • Entry costs € €13 ($15)/£ £11 ($17)– free for under 12s.
  • Night visits can be made on Friday and Saturday – 8 PM-9.30 PM during winter and 10 PM-11.30 PM during summer, although there will not be a full sighting.
  • Getting There

    Alhambra Bus C3 leaves the Plaza Nueva (Wikipedia Article) every 10 minutes, alternatively it is a 15 minutes walk from the Plaza Nueva.

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    Pictures of Alhambra

    Alhambra. Photo by Liam987

    Alhambra Palace - Alhambra
    Alhambra Palace - Photo by Francisco Martins


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